The Art of Love

Colorful Wedding Inspiration at The Providence Cotton Mill

Art can transport you to another place and time, it can make you question perspective, and it can evoke emotion. Art is already commonplace in weddings—even when guests may not realize it. The style and design of invitations, the use of florals, signs, programs...they all integrate art. The colors within the painting by Kelly Aiken serves as the color palette for this wedding—bright, fun, and joyful. The corals and greens are echoed in the linen choices, signage, cake, and more. When guests first enter the Providence Cotton Mill, they’re greeted by a sign at the door with a quote from Anatole France that reads, “In art as in love, instinct is enough.” The venue itself, which has a grand, industrial presence, stands in juxtaposition to the soft fabric of the draping that surrounds the artwork. Guest experiences are only enhanced by the soft guitar strings playing as the bride and groom say their vows. And when it's time to take their seats, guests are in for a treat. The fully set table includes beautiful place settings with hand-painted place cards. The florals on both the cake table and the sweetheart table are woven into the linens themselves, like brushstrokes on a canvas. And the cake is a four-tier stunner. Sweet It Is! crafted a cake complete with edible gold leaf that mirrors the shine in Aiken’s pieces from the ceremony backdrop.

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