Cultural Elegance at the Huntington Bay Club

A Huntington Beach Love Story Captivating All Elements of Nature

Jessica and Billy's love transcends all the elements of nature and their wedding day was sure to captivate it all—earth, air, fire, and water. Nestled near the Pacific Ocean, the Huntington Bay Club was the perfect landscape for their special day. Their love for travel and flying the air to visit their favorite places were shared in the adorable and crafty details as their guests were able to personalize postcards and write notes of well wishes. The soothing Southern California sand the newlyweds sunk their feet into during their portraits was the perfect example of the earthy feeling they wanted to capture with their wedding. And as for fire...well, let's just say it’s the light of their love that burns so true! Ray and Simon Barrett, the lucky planning duo from Radleigh + Sage Event Company, executed a full planning experience with the adorable couple and grew an unexpected fondness for them that would turn their professional relationship and evolve them into wonderful friends.

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