Glamorous Romance in Downtown Augusta

Glamorous Romance in Downtown Augusta

A Valentine's Day Disco for Two

Angel and Kate were happily engaged on March 29, 2020 (This was a week after the first shelter in place order went into effect due to the pandemic!) Wedding planning during a pandemic was difficult at its best and impossible at its worst. Their first venue fell through three months before their January wedding date, and after replanning everything, their second venue canceled three weeks before their wedding! With the original date being so close they said "Love wins!" and decided to elope.

Their elopement took place in December of 2020 with just their closest friends and family as witnesses. However, to celebrate, on January 31st local Augusta, Georgia wedding vendors gathered together to throw this couple the ultimate “Party For Two!” wedding shoot. Naturally, the original venue plan fell through with a 100% chance of rain on the day of, but as a last-minute pivot, the party was still thrown in a local parking garage—rain and all!

The theme for "A Party For Two" was that you can have a party anywhere as long as you're with your best friend. It's not about the size of the event, it's about love and marriage!

"It's easy to get so focused on those few hours of your wedding day that you forget what the ceremony and celebration are really about—your love for each other and the beginning of your life together!" says Kate. 

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