Groovy & Retro Elopement at Monadnock Berries

Positive Vibes & Funky-Fresh Details

The '70s are still very much alive, so Wild + Wed created this groovy and retro elopement to put a funky and fresh flair on this time period. The bright pink and yellow color palette, custom leather jackets, and beautiful florals from Lotus Floral Designs perfectly embodies the love, positive vibes, and free-spirited attitude that was seen during this infamous era. The 1975 VW bus from Roadtripping Photo Bus and stationery from Peach Wolfe Paper Co. were both fun and creative additions to the colorful atmosphere. With the purity of nature being the main source of inspiration for this shoot, the farm at Monadnock Berries was the optimal setting allowing the vibrant décor to pop against the autumn foliage. With all the right elements falling into place, the team was able to pull off the retro design and pay homage to all the beauty and charm that came from the '70s.

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