Garden Wedding Ceremony

Honey-Yellow LGBTQ+ Wedding Inspiration

Sweet & Sustainable Details at Filberg Heritage Park

Inspired by sustainability and community, this styled shoot celebrates a community of love and support. The team at Details Planning and Event Design chose offbeat and personalized details to show that weddings can truly reflect the uniqueness of a couple. A macaron honeybee cake, honeycomb cocktails with drizzled honey, a blush pink wedding dress, and a white bridal suit—all within the beautiful and lush gardens of Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park. The yellow honey color scheme was chosen as a way to bring brightness and happiness to a time when the world seemed very dark and moody, while also proving that this unconventional palette could be used during any season. Not only is this honey-yellow wedding inspiration delicious, but it’s also eco-friendly! Even the smallest sustainable choices when planning a wedding can have a big positive impact.

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