An Intimate Elopement in a Tuscan Villa

Modern Eclectic Romance and a Traditional Italian Flair

This gorgeous styled shoot transports any viewer to the fantastical grounds and lush interiors of the picturesque Villa Di Geggiano, a Renaissance wine estate and a national heritage edifice that belonged to the Bianchi Bandinelli family since the 16th century. Adorned with frescoes and surrounded by lavish gardens, the villa has attracted many celebrities; even the famous Bernardo Bertolucci used it as the set for his movie “Stealing Beauty.” The decor for this shoot hails from the Boston-based destination wedding planner Luba Gankin from Primavera Dreams. The bride’s gorgeous bouquet by Stiatti Fiori, which features peonies, delicate roses, and purple bellflowers is intertwined with bold greenery. Her ethereal couture gown by Ines Di Santo is paired with beautiful jewelry, created by Monica Coscioni, the owner of Spazio Manassei. Shots of the villa’s authentic chapel, decorated with candles and burgundy petals make this the most picturesque wedding ceremony location. Inspiring us to fly to Italy, the grounds also feature a frescoed gallery, perfect for a festive and romantic reception dinner. The gallery, decked out with abundant floral décor allows the couple and guests to enjoy delicious food and the villa’s excellent wine selection. With hand-painted chairs and settings designed by Sofia Rocchetti, a contemporary artist who specializes in unique bespoke designs— this villa is the perfect wedding location to satiate both your wanderlust and your desire for a summer wedding location that is dressed in luxury and romance.

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