Just Picked! A Rustic Country Wedding

Fresh Vegetables, Hand Scooped Ice Cream, and other Delectable Delights

It only made sense for Camilla & Jackson to incorporate fresh produce into their wedding day style. Camilla’s family owns a bountiful, local farm. They sell produce and beautifully prepared local eats at the state fair every year where she met and fell in love with Jackson at the annual Pie Walk. Jackson’s grandmother Brigette is also a baker, which left the adorable couple with little option to not incorporate organic, local, and authentic style into their wedding decor. The wedding was located among the gorgeous forestry of Wavering Place Plantation in Eastover. Delicate, napkin-ed baskets of freshly baked biscuits, mini pan seared brussels sprout halves, corn-filled invitations, and verdant fruit and vegetable centerpieces, allowed for each guests to have not only a tasty, but fun-filled time. This wedding’s country-whimsical blend truly celebrated the couple’s friendship and values, it also bolstered a true sense of loving family and wonderful tradition.

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