indian wedding ceremony under mandap

Love & Luxury in Northern India

Traditional Indian Wedding with Modern Sensibilities

Rhea and Vikram’s love story began in college. They traveled around the globe together but came back to India to share their vows. They chose to get married in the Hawa Mahal of ITC Rajputana, now a luxury hotel in Jaipur, India, and it was magical. All throughout the planning process, Rhea and Vikram only wished for a traditional wedding in Jaipur with several diverse elements from Rajasthan to Southern India and Designer Events Inc. brought their vision to life perfectly!

For the grand celebration, dreamy tones of pink and white surrounded the venue. An all-white Phoolon Ki Chaadar (the covering under which an Indian bride walks) looked phenomenal under the sun’s shade. But even more stunning was the bride adorned in Kanjiwaram (a type of material very well known in South India), her bridal saree, and a traditional Lehenga (Indian skirt and top)—she couldn’t have looked more beautiful! The day was filled with sweet memories, Indian treats, small terracotta elephants, and pots filled with bright flowers.

The two families agreed to forgo the concept of Kanyadaan (an age-old Indian concept where the father is supposed to give away her daughter to the groom’s family) and see this marriage of two equals in love. Promoting equality in every sphere, they decided to have a women priest officiate the wedding, a concept very rare in India. The day was filled with so much happiness and was very empowering to many around. It was a beautiful creation of traditional blended with modern sensibilities.

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