newlyweds first kiss at the san diego natural history museum

A Night at the Natural History Museum

Fall Colors, Love, & Fossils

The Natural History Museum was the perfect venue for San Diego natives Amaya and Peter to celebrate the beauty of the home that brought them together. They took inspiration from the NAT and accentuated what it had to offer by adding gorgeous fall florals to the T-Rex and bear displays and leaning into the bug theme in every element of the wedding to make it seem like the museum was truly coming to life.

The ceremony was held on the rooftop at sunset—pink and orange painted the sky as Amaya and Peter promised their lives to each other. Down to the very last detail, every moment was personalized and curated with care. Each guest had a unique stone waiting for them at their seat and the officiant, Ceremonies by Bethel, led everyone in setting their intentions, wishes, and hopes for the couple. Guests dropped off their blessed stones in a glass vase that now lives in the married couple's home.

Serendipity Events planned this one-of-a-kind wedding and ensured that the couple and guests had a fully immersive experience. After the ceremony, guests went down to the second floor for cocktail hour where they got to enjoy delicious beverages and bites while also completing a scavenger hunt around the museum.

The reception was on the first floor and it was a breathtaking sight like no other. A grand shark and whale model hung above alongside romantic bistro lights, making the ambiance any history buff’s dream. A live painter amazed guests with every stroke of the brush, an artist sketched sweet keepsakes, a fun crossword puzzle entertained guests at their tables, and the band and DJ kept the spirit alive all night.

Held in November, the autumnal palette was a rich burnt orange and burgundy that complemented the earthy Jurassic Park-esque theme to a T. The delicate gold-trimmed plates, leaves, and bee napkin rings were some of the many motifs that made this wedding incredibly special.

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