Post-Pandemic Wedding Inspiration in San Diego

Craft Paper Placemats, Macrame Rainbows, & Hand Sanitizer Favors

Let's face it, times are changing. Many weddings and events have been forced to cancel or postpone this season, and we all have the same questions on our minds: When will we be able to host celebrations again with our loved ones? What's to come when this is all over? Will large weddings be an option anymore? Araceli of Café au Love selected the overall design and color palette, listened to "Smile" by Vitamin C, and began brainstorming on what couples could potentially expect for their weddings from here on out. The pops of yellows, white, and greens were chosen because research shows there's a psychological meaning behind colors. Yellow represents happiness, optimism, and warmth. White represents purity, safety, and successful beginnings. And lastly, green represents friendship, cleanliness, and health. Once a vision board was created, Araceli took a chance in asking a few brave and sweet vendors to partake in this inspirational shoot. Flora, the ever stunning venue in Downtown San Diego kindly opened up their doors and Allison Davis Photography captured the magic. All of the details were pre-designed and planned with Isabella Modern Calligraphy creating all of the stunning paper goods. Favors consisted of homemade hand sanitizer bottles, macrame rainbows, and other details by the Crafty Plant Lady. Sweet lemon cookies and the gorgeous artistic cake were baked with love by the talented Heritage & Co. Desserts. Instead of chargers, plates, and a lovely napkin fold, Araceli predicts that most caterers and venues will encourage single use wear for a while. In place, craft paper placemats and rolled up silverware were set. The eclectic collection of yellow goblets were provided by Not My Dish, with vintage shot glasses provided by the Crafty Plant Lady. Florals and tabletop design were orchestrated by Café au Love. An important detail and mindset to carry during these trying times is to keep pushing forward and never forget the true meaning behind wedding celebrations. Let's bring joy and life back into celebrations, even if it now has to be expressed and executed in a creative way.

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