Prairie-Inspired Elopement in an English Manor

Organic, Muted, & Down-To-Earth Colors in a Vintage Setting

The concept of this editorial was to explore an "American Prairie" inspired wedding elopement with an understated, soft, and natural look. The planners at The Stars Inside teamed up with Flower and Fern to create visuals centered on the couple, with a strong focus on the intimacy of a small celebration, as contrasted to the expanse of the landscape. Their intention was to modernize that vintage "prairie" look with high collars, embellished gowns, and floral prints, and add a touch of wildness in a very authentic way. The colors are organic, muted, and down to earth, and they wanted that same ethos to reflect in the eco-friendly, sustainable work of the suppliers on the team. Their goal was to inspire couples to pare things back to what really matters to them, and to style their spaces with intentional and meaningful details. Ultimately, this photoshoot was a celebration of timelessness and of love that breaks all boundaries of time, space, and tradition.

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