Winter Feast at the Top of a Mountain

What stylists do when they're bored in Canada

When I first met Ashley Struthers, I had been locked in my home studio for three days straight interviewing candidates for an intern position with Satin & Snow. Ashley was one of my very last applicants, and I was a little worse for the wear. One of the (many) questions I had asked all of the candidates during the interview process was what they envision for their own perfect wedding. Ashley's reply struck a chord with me. She pictured walking through the snow to one long table by the woods, set for an intimate gathering of close friends and family. Nothing overly pretentious, nothing overly themed. Just one table in the snow with soft lights, wonderful food and great company. It got my mind wandering and suddenly, we were sitting together designing this perfect wintry feast instead of going through my questionnaire. We ended up designing a smaller version of her dream. The shoot took place at the edge of the forest in Rockcliffe Park, where we hiked up a very tall hill covered in ice with a 300lbs wood table and 7 boxes of decor to the most serene, sun-washed clearing in the middle of the trees. One hour and a few rest breaks later, we started our feast surrounded by friends in the industry.

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