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Extraordinary Weddings

ABOUT Extraordinary Weddings

Everything that we do is centered around you both being guests during your special day. We do this through schematics and timelines and we take care of the crazy details. We want you to be present and enjoying your guests!

We can just help with the coordination or "the whole shebang"!

Our team is passionate about making your vision come to life!


We take the lead but you both are still part of the planning process.

We share the planning process. We clearly define who is doing which parts of the planning.

You both do the planning but we are involved from this day forward. We can then look at your proposals and contracts before you sign them giving you guidance. We have saved our couples thousands of dollars.

Our couples have said that it felt as if we were holding their hands throughout the planning.

You both do the planning and then our services begin 60+ days before your wedding. We are able to dot your I's and cross your T's ensuring that no details are forgotten.