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Magnolia Event Design offers custom packages to fit their client’s needs. From full service event design and planning, assisting couples with all aspects of planning throughout their engagement. From finding a venue, to designing an event that is unique to them, to overseeing each and every detail of your wedding day, Lindsey Hartsough and her experienced team will guide clients through the planning process with the highest level of personalized service, to putting the final touches on your event the month prior with our Month of By Magnolia package you can rest assured that your event is in the best hands.





Ali Kaufman
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Nov 01, 2019
My wife and I hired Lindsey and her team to provide full-service event design and planning for our Long Island, New York wedding. From our initial phone consultation a year and a half prior to our wedding, Lindsey put us at complete ease with her professionalism, attention to detail, motivation, excitement and genuine desire to truly understand our wedding vision and bring it to life.

Lindsey and her team were everything we could have asked for and everything we didn’t know we would need. To say Lindsey was “on top of things” is a gross understatement. Lindsey is a visionary, a designer, an organizer, a planner, an advocate, a friend. She is beyond talented, skilled, professional, direct, responsive, creative, tolerant, and extremely patient. She is the person you want and need to have in your corner. She is the person who will transform your vision into a reality beyond what you could ever imagine. She is the person who WILL find a way to execute every detail perfectly despite any obstacles that arise. Lindsey has a perfect balance of professionalism and a down to earth supportive nature that makes you feel like your best friend is by your side the entire way through but is also willing to pounce the second something needs to be addressed or confronted.

We were NOT always the easiest brides to work with, as we had a difficult time articulating our vision and went back and forth often with our concept ideas. But despite our indecisiveness, Lindsey was able to reign us in and really found a way to help us identify exactly what we wanted. As someone who always needs to be in control and micromanage every detail, it was challenging for me to accept the idea of handing over the reigns and trusting that someone else could execute accordingly .... but I could not be happier that I trusted Lindsey and handed those reins over. It not only made my life SO much easier, but also resulted in an absolute PERFECT event that I would have NEVER been able to pull off half as well on my own!

The planning, coordination and design aspects of the process were absolutely effortless on our end. Once our vision was cemented, Lindsey and her team were able to magically bring everything to life beyond our expectations by handling all the tedious backend details that we honestly had no time or patience for! In the very beginning of the planning phase I found myself “checking in” frequently to ensure certain things were going to be handled; however, I quickly realized that my need to “check in” was completely unnecessary as Lindsey was always 10 steps ahead.

People warned us about how stressful the actual wedding day can be, so we had mentally prepared ourselves to feel emotionally drained, anxious, overwhelmed, etc. Let me tell you, this could not be farther from the reality of our experience on our day; it could NOT have gone any smoother. The entire day was effortless on our ends, our only responsibility was to show up. My wife and I felt completely and utterly at ease and relaxed. As a direct result of Lindsey and her team’s attentiveness, we never had to ask for a thing; they knew exactly what we needed before we even realized we needed it!

We also entrusted Lindsey with the responsibility of selecting our photography and videography teams, which both ended up being INCREDIBLE and huge contributors to the success of our event! Having these teams collaborate on our event together felt more like having life-long friends surrounding us as opposed to having a group of strangers in our space who were being compensated to get a job done.

In the days following, many people reached out to enthusiastically tell us how “perfect” the event was; many insisted this was the best wedding they had ever attended; many commented on the impeccable timing and spacing from one activity to the next. We even had more than one of our friend’s husbands say, “this is how a wedding should be done”.

My wife and I made an additional vow on our wedding night to NEVER again hold an event WITHOUT the involvement of Lindsey and her team!