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Amy Varain Weddings is a boutique wedding & events company serving two locations; El Dorado/Sacramento counties in California & the beautiful island of Maui.  We feel today's weddings have become an expression of the couples themselves with creativity, thoughtfulness and beauty.  Each wedding is as unique as the individual couples.  We like to say there are NO RULES when it comes to weddings and are excited to help you design, plan and put your special touches into the wedding of your dreams.

But our expertise does not stop there... 

Amy Varain Weddings understands the time and energy that goes into planning events.  It doesn't matter if you are the DIY bride or our Full service Bride, executing the event on the day of is where the magic happens. All the planning gets set into motion with many moving parts bringing it all together. Amy Varain Weddings believes this is where you need an experienced event professional to take all your ideas, visions and stress to execute your event effortlessly so you can be a "GUEST" at your own wedding.  Let us worry about all the little last minute details, get you down the aisle on time, communicate with your vendors, make sure your family & guests are happy and enjoying themselves, watch the timeline so you don't have to worry about what is happening next.  We will guide you through the night so you can enjoy every moment.  Here at Amy Varain Weddings you can think of us as your fairy godmother.  On your special day we will organize, coordinate, direct and create a fabulous stress-free wedding experience for the bride and groom.


Every wedding is truly unique and special to each couple. Amy Varain Weddings understands you don't plan a wedding every day...but we do! We love wedding planning and using our expertise to guide our couples to create the wedding they've always imagined. Most weddings fall into one of two categories; full service wedding planning and wedding management. Full Service offers guidance from day one in choosing the perfect vendors, decor, design etc. to bring your vision to life. We will be there by your side from start to finish, available for all your pre-planning needs, assistance and advice.

With Partial Service Wedding Planning, we can work together to help you with the planning and details whether it be from the first day you start planning or somewhere in between to alleviate some of the wedding planning stress. We understand the time and energy it takes to plan your special day. You can pick and choose how we can assist you with partial planning and we will apply our experience and expertise to make the planning as enjoyable as possible. Our job is to give you options that work best within your budget. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or an over the top, themed bash, our professional and creative staff can assist with all details of wedding planning and coordination for your dream wedding day!

This is what we do best! Even if you’ve checked everything off your planning list, the execution of your wedding is where a Wedding Manager is a necessity so that everyone, especially you, the bride & groom, can relax and enjoy the most precious moments you’ve been working toward. We understand that you don't plan a wedding everyday but we do... and are here to guide you with our expertise and love of wedding planning throughout the process! We give you the tools to be successful and just when the planning starts to heat up we start to de-stress you about 60 days before your wedding by learning everything we can about your wedding and filling in the gaps. When your wedding day arrives, we will execute all your ideas/wedding plans and oversee all the details while you sit back, relax and get ready for your ceremony. We will gracefully organize the event so you can relax and enjoy it like a guest at your own event. We can't imagine a wedding without one!

Even if you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bride and don’t want or need a lot of planning services, we can help you get started. At Amy Varain Weddings, the DIY bride is always welcome! We provide a meeting up to three hours to help you get started and the tools to stay on track. We are happy to extend our "A La Carte services" to you during your planning process or "Day of Wedding Coordinator"as an add-on to this package.

At Amy Varain Events we offer many A La Carte Services from proposals, engagement parties, bridal parties, bachlorette parties, bachelor parties, dinner parties, morning after brunches, tours, weekend getaways, etc. Call us to schedule your free consultation where we can see how we can work together.



Lara Drasin
Was this review helpful?  
Aug 15, 2019
Amy is amazing at what she does, and I 100000% recommend her to anyone planning a wedding! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to her. She stepped in at the last minute (please do not ask her to do that if you can help it, these were extenuating circumstances!) and helped ensure that my friend's wedding was a success. Don't make the mistake of thinking that there isn't much for her to do. After our first conference call during which she brought up a bunch of things we'd never thought about, we knew we were lucky to have her on board. Despite squeezing 2 months of work into a week and a half, she gave the couple the same attention as someone she'd been working with for awhile, and went above and beyond the call of duty. I can honestly say that she made the difference between the day being a great memory vs. a day full of surprise disasters. I was able to breathe so much easier knowing that she had it covered. I would hire Amy again in a heartbeat and I hopefully will be able to - but next time, it will be way earlier!
Katie Azevedo
Was this review helpful?  
Jun 23, 2019
If I could give Amy Varain Weddings and Events a trillion stars out of 5, I would. I absolutely recommend Any to anyone planning a wedding or any kind of event, big or small. I found Amy on the knot.com, spoke with 3 different planners, and decided on Amy because she told me any budget was possible, it’s just about setting your 3 top priorities and focusing on those, getting creative with the others. She seemed flexible and like a great listener of my goals and vision. After working closely with Amy for 8 months in planning and having just hosted the most incredible 200 person wedding at my family residence this month, i know now she is all of that and way more. She is energetic, fun, kind, can think of several solutions on the spot to any dilemma. She really knows event planning but let’s the client do the driving. She’s a great teacher and guided me through everything. I knew exactly what to expect and didn’t have to stress at all, what a true gift. She catered to my guests of every age, my elderly family members as well as the dozens of babies and toddlers and families, keeping everyone comfortable, safe, and providing activities for everyone- even swooping in and handing a cup of popcorn to a crying toddler during speeches and making their day. She did this in the same manner that she caters to each of my brothers, fiancé, and parents’ concerns during the planning process. She met each of our unique needs and removed all worry. Amy is phenomenal and there is no better planner or coordinator, and I know I speak for my entire family, every guest, and every vendor she worked with for us. Amy was born for this job and we are fortunate to have found her and now have memories to last a lifetime. She made our wildest dreams possible for that weekend and there is truly nothing she can’t accomplish! This is why I give Amy all the stars in the sky out of 5.
Kelly Smith
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Oct 10, 2019
Wow! There are no words. Amy was exceptional to work with and exactly what I was looking for in a wedding coordinator! She went above and beyond. I was having a very hard time with another coordinator I was working with due to lack of communication. Needless to say, I was feeling defeated and super stressed. Luckily, I found Amy through another bride who had worked with her. Literally, the best decision I made for my wedding was choosing Amy as my coordinator. She swooped in and made my wedding a breeze. It rained right before my wedding (luckily cleared up for my ceremony), but Amy was so sweet and calming and that energy was contagious. I stressed a little at the reception, but Amy gave me a Mai Tai (haha) and made me feel like a special guest at my wedding.

I could go on & on about how great my experience was with Amy, but the bottom line is .. she’s exceptional at her job. Book her for your wedding!
Tim Montgomery
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Aug 27, 2019
Amy was absolutely incredible - I don't know what we would have done without her! Her organization, thoroughness, and attention to detail is unparalleled. Thanks to her, my wife and I were able to relax in the weeks leading up to our big day and take solace that everything would handled - and it was! On top of that, she was super nice and easy to work with. Highly recommend Amy if you're looking for a fun, professional, and top notch wedding coordinator.
Gabriel Santisteban
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Oct 08, 2019
Amy was awesome! My fiancé (at the time) was left in the dark by the coordinator she used to help book venues for our wedding ceremony. She decided to look for help and found Amy. Amy helped my wife take control of her wedding and gave her options she never knew she had. She provided details, advice, great communication, but most of all she provided us with peace of mind. We wish we would have found her from the start... Thank you Amy!!