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ABOUT Crafted Charm


Personalization: At Crafted Charm, we believe in getting to KNOW you and start conversations, then we begin in-depth planning and design so we know YOUR desires and goals first. Only when we know you, can we then design your wedding planning journey and dream vendor team, so that you have a seamless, stress-free, and light-hearted day that is within your budget.

Commitment: A memorable wedding doesn’t happen overnight. From the decorations to the entertainment and photographer, there are so many details to plan to make your day look and feel the way you dreamed it always would. That’s why we’re committed to planning, listening and working with you, because your wedding should be as unique as you are.

Passion: Love is a language spoken in all cultures, all religions, and throughout all time. Love kindles our souls with hope and is our hearts true meeting place. We consider it the highest honor to help craft your vision and tell your love story.


This one is for the couples who enjoy planning their own wedding, but need a logistics guru to make it happen while you’re getting ready with your besties and taking your photos. Our Month of Wedding Planning Package is geared toward couples who have the fundamentals of wedding planning and vendor booking in hand, but are looking for professional assistance toward the end of the planning when tying together the remaining details and guiding the wedding weekend. The month-of option provides clients with well-constructed time lines, diagrams, vendor communication and seamless event execution. This option aids in rehearsal and etiquette and allows the clients to have a professional coordinator help to lessen the amount of planning pitfalls.

Our Partial Wedding Planning Package is for the couples who may have booked a few wedding professionals and dedicated some time toward planning. In this case, Crafted Charm will guide you through the rest of the particulars and will fill in all the gaps. We will work with the venues and vendors to help produce your dream wedding, so that you can have time to enjoy those precious moments! This package is for you if you need more support and we can assist you through the planning and design process and help to create your dream team of vendors. With the partial design element, we can develop your dream layout and help with the fine design details. We’re here to help and support you through this process.

Our Full Wedding Planning Package is geared toward the couples who may have very little time to focus on planning an entire wedding, or perhaps find themselves overwhelmed with all the details, etiquette and moving pieces involved in a wedding. In this case, Crafted Charm will handle all the particulars from the moment we have our initial consultation until the moments that follow after you say “I do.” We work with the venues and vendors to help produce your vision, so that you can have more of a relaxing experience as we build to create those unforgettable moments! This package is for you if you need our unlimited support every step of the way, from every inch of your design decor to creating your personal dream team of vendors. We’re here to finesse all those little details because life just got a lot busier. Let us guide you and be by your side through every step.

• Assimilating The Couple's Vision
• Discussing The Color Palette
• Linen Selection Assistance
• Discussing Lighting Options
• Discussing Details Commonly Overlooked
• Analyzing The Wedding Venue
• Stationary Design Consultation/Assistance
• Meeting With The Client & The Floral Designer
• Meeting With The Rental Company
• Floor Plan Layout Construction
• Design Guest Tablescapes
• Design Sweetheart Table/ Head Table Décor
• Assist with Décor Rentals and Quantities
• Design Floral Arrangement Style
• Design 3D Reception Layout
• Design Custom Signs