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Creations By Collis LLC

ABOUT Creations By Collis LLC

Creations By Collis was designed with the thought that every event deserves the touch of a professional regardless of the budget size. Our attention to detail allows you to be a guest at your own event with the piece of mind that everyone is being treated as a VIP. Our collections are customized to allow you the flexibility to do as much or as little as you would like while taking all the credit for the fabulous end result!


We will help you plan your wedding the way that you want to be supported. Would you like to plan it all and have help with the execution? Do you want someone that you can lean on to help you translate contracts, catch the loose ends, and treat your guests like royalty? Are you too busy to think about votives and fairy lights and want someone to take your vision and get it done? We have your back!

Let us be creative! We can take your ideas, bring together the right professionals, and bring it to life! Not sure what your vision might be? Let's chat as we have the questions to start the wheels turning and help you find it. And as an added bonus, we will help you stay within your budget once we calculate what that should be!

We can handle the truly important aspect of the day with flair and style while bringing you to life. Tell us your story and we can design a ceremony to reflect your love and uniqueness!

We have been doing this for a long time and have acquired the decor that you desire to complete your look. If you want it for your wedding and you don't need it for your home decor, don't buy it! Talk to us! Rent it for the day and save some money!