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SoCal Wedding Consultant

ABOUT SoCal Wedding Consultant

Hailed as "the best wedding planners in Southern California", we're a boutique team of wedding planners who create effortlessly elegant, fabulously fun weddings. We're genuinely excited to be your advisor & confidant throughout the planning process.

We know that each of our couples is unique in their planning process so we don’t fit you into a mold. We have an incredible online planning system in place for all of our couples (near and far!) to make your wedding planning easy, stress-free, and seamless.

We plan weddings of all different cultures and religions (and have created seamless blended events) and we love LGBTQ+ weddings. We want to leave the world a little better than we found it, so we donate a portion of all of our proceeds to causes near and dear to our hearts. Take a look at our list on our Charitable Causes page.

We plan weddings throughout Southern California (including San Diego), Hawaii, New York and destinations including Europe and Mexico.