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Hey! I am so happy you are here and checking out what we have to offer! I can't express enough how much I love celebrating with my clients and allowing them the opportunity to have their wedding their way! It is also important that we vibe because we'll be spending a lot of time together figuring out big decisions and chatting a bunch!

When I am not pursuing my dream, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, our kitty Pinot and MY WIFE! I love to travel and find solace in whipping up new recipes in the kitchen. Inquisitive by nature, I am always looking to expand my knowledge base and bring fresh ideas to my clients to better plan their events. I have been in the wedding industry for 11 years and a Certified Wedding Planner through the Bridal Society.

We are a full-service inclusive wedding and event company, specializing in all types of love. We are located in Fort Lauderdale and service Miami, West Palm Beach, The Keys and beyond. We work collaboratively with our clients to create a special day uniquely tailored to their personalities. We ensure our couples are able to relish in the magical moments of their wedding day by providing great service, a fun atmosphere, and stress-free planning. Our goal is for our couples to always remember this is a time for them to celebrate with those they love and cherish.


Starting with a blank slate, I will walk you through all the essentials you will need for your big day. We'll sit down, create your budget, where you want to celebrate, what vendors are important to you, and all the other fun stuff that goes into your perfect day, including an inspiration board. From there the planning begins! Leave it to me to handle all the specifics you will need to create your magical day.

- Scout out venues, collect photos and information to aid in selecting the perfect location for your ceremony and reception
- Provide vendor referrals and recommendations based on your style and preference
- Create and manage your budget
- Negotiate pricing and contracts with all your vendors
- Assist with the overall styling of your event
- Includes all partial service and day of services

You secured all the big items, your venue, entertainment, and photographer but need help conceptualizing the final elements. We will work together to finalize the look and feel of your event and work with the venue you've selected to make it come full circle

- Provide you with a planning timeline
- Meeting with the couple at their venue to detail out the look & feel of your wedding
- Review budget & existing contracts
- Assistance with securing additional vendors for your wedding day to include: floral, cake, day of stationery
- Conceptualizing your decor - this includes designing ceremony & reception, along with all decor pieces for your event
- Includes all day of services

You've spent months, even years securing all the important players for your big day, styling all the details that are totally Instagram worthy and you are exhausted. You have no idea how you are going to make all this planning run smoothly on the day of your wedding. This is where I can help! About 2 months out, we will meet to review all the hard work you've done. From this meeting, I will create your timeline, contact your vendors and venue, ensure all your details play out just like you have envisioned. The day of your wedding, I will be your go-to gal making sure all that you've planned runs as smooth as butter!

- Provide you with a planning timeline
- Meet and go over all the items you've secured for your wedding; this includes any vendors you have secured along with all decor items
- Walkthrough of venue
- Contact all vendors to ensure arrival times & logistics are confirmed
- Create a timeline for the wedding day & distribute to all vendors
- Coordinate rehearsal & walkthrough of the wedding ceremony
- Will be with you the entire wedding day to ensure all your magical moments come true!