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ABOUT I Love You Maddly Weddings & Events

You have just said "YES" to the love of your life and now it's time to plan your wedding, We are the next step in creating the wedding day you have dreamed of ! I Love You Maddly Weddings & Events is a planning and coordinating service specializing in second weddings here in California. When working with us you will be collaborating with experts to make your celebration is as unique and unforgettable as your love for each other.
We are here to help you navigate and clarify your dream day and understand exactly what you want, while infusing joy into your planning process - staying with you from the time you say yes until after the " I Do's."
Your job is to take a breath and enjoy each moment of your day surrounded by family and friends. I know you want this day to be unforgettable because you've been dreaming of this day your whole life !
Let's us create the day of your dreams and memories that last a lifetime.


I Love You Maddly Weddings offers several options we can customize for your day. Full planning, Partial planning, will include "Day of Coordination. Your needs are considered in designing your services to meet the specific needs of a couple's planning priorities making sure that their
your vision. We are here for you staying with you through the planning process from the time you say YES! until after the "I DO'S." Each package is a combination of services you may need to save you energy and time and make your planning a joyful journey.
Maybe you would like to have a wedding in a vineyard or a 3 day event at a beach resort, or at a venue in a city filled with amazing views like San Francisco. We have over 20 years of experience and we are here to plan your day exactly the way you envision it.
With each package you will have unlimited text and email correspondence because questions don't always happen between 9 and 5.
Please find complete descriptions of our packages below click on each to see which one is right for you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to make your planning process convenient and enjoyable!
Thank You
Madeline Link
office 805-366-0266, cell 310-218-3205 (texting is always welcome)

Beautiful DIY gift ideas for your guests or bridal party we can create a one of a kind gift for example a lavender soap with a handmade handkerchief envelope you can view this in our gallery. Or we can add DIY management to one of our planning services to keep you on track and help create design ideas for your day.
DIY is an hourly charge of 65.00 per hour.

We offer our couples one of a kind handcrafted furniture to rent that can be created just for your event if desired, perfect for a photo area instead of a photo booth for your guests, or a beautiful selfie area. A custom design would be your preference and built for your specific day. Depending on the design wil determined the price.
Some of the pieces are featured in our Gallery

We are available to help define and clarify your design for your day with a service that is just for that process. Bringing your vision to life while incorporating all your décor ideas with floral, table design, and rentals. With a mood board and color palate to define the look of your venue. We will meet with your florist and rental vendor at the venue and create an awe inspiring design..... Designing your day is 1,500.

I LOVE U MADDLY (full planning)

Our full planning service can begin from the moment you've said "YES". Planning a wedding can be a 8-12 month journey. Whatever your time frame is, full planning allows us to collaborate with you to make your dream day come to life and create an unforgettable event.
Full planning include 2 planners to manage your wedding day. We start with finding your top choices for all your vendors and providing appointments with venue and walk through's, tastings with caterers, entertainment, floral, photographer, rentals, cake tastings and anything else that needs to be taken care of.
We'll book appointments accompany you to your visits to showrooms helping to clarify your décor and table-scapes, catering choices. We review all your contracts with the vendors of your choice before your sign on the bottom line and provide you with budget management keeping track of services and vendors.
We provide you with a platform so you can track everything alongside us. Create your timeline for the rehearsal, ceremony and reception, and provide you with a checklist so you and our team can see the planning progress, with layouts for all your spaces and seating arrangements for your guests. You will receive up to five 1 hour meetings along with unlimited text and emails with our team.
We included day of coordination for ceremony, reception and possibly a day after brunch. Planning a wedding especially a second wedding, can be a daunting task, understanding the etiquette and what is the new normal. We are here to be the guide and to create an unforgettable wedding day that's OMG gorgeous! Filling hearts with love and plates with fabulous food!
We can't wait to hear all the details and help you plan your day.
Full Planning starts $7,500
Thank you
Madeline Link
If you have any questions you can reach us now,
office 805-366-0266, cell 310-218-3205 (texting is always welcome)


Is a partial planning service and can be customized to help you and ensure you save time. We will be with you throughout your planning and help take care of all the details of your day, without filling your schedule with things that are not a priority to you. Our team will be involved in creating your perfect day filling it with romantic details and fabulous fun.
Service includes, venue and vendor referrals that will allow you to achieve exactly what you want with who you want. We match your style and give you referrals including, floral, décor, entertainment as well as catering and ,photography. Our team creates a timeline breakdown to see how your day will seamlessly come together from your rehearsal the day before, to the last dance-off of your wedding nigh!
We create and design a layout, for your ceremony and reception spaces, making sure vendors are kept in the loop and everyone knows where to set up your sweetheart table. We help you with wedding etiquette, from formal place settings, to how to write and address your invitations. You also receive rehearsal and day of coordination with 2 planners, so you can celebrate without worry. Our initial meeting is after your contract is signed and will follow with 3 more 1 hour meetings to keep track of your budget and collect ideas that you may have along the way.
Always as with all our services unlimited correspondence with email and or texting, we are here to create your into your happily ever after!.
Partial Planning starts at $4,500
Thank you
Madeline Link
Have questions ? Office 805-366-0266, cell 310-218-3205 (texting is welcome)


This service is for the couple who needs someone to manage their wedding day, allowing you to relax and be a guest enjoying the special moments with friends and family.
Services will include managing your budget and creating your timeline, so your music plays on cue, and making sure your day runs smoothly with seamless transitions for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. We will also review your vendor contracts, making sure you've got it all in writing including times for deliveries, rentals and catering. Rehearsal and Day of coordination to keep everyone and everything on track.
Décor management, pointing the florist in the right direction getting your place settings and table décor exactly the way you want it, amazing and gorgeous. We meet with you once you have signed our contract, to brainstorm and start your planning process. We schedule two more 1 hour meetings with our planner over the duration of your planning process.
All of our services come with 2 planners and unlimited communication.
We look forward to planning the first day of your happily ever after
Day Of Coordination starts at $1,200
Thank You
Madeline Link
If you have any questions we are always available for you.
805-366-0266 / cell 310-218-3205 (texting is always welcome)



Sasha and Shane Sexton
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Apr 16, 2019
A winter winery wedding in Temecula California

I am so lucky to have chosen Veil Tails Weddings as my wedding planner!
The team was amazing, helpful and brought a sense of calm to a very stressful situation. I loved how Madeline became a party of our extended family. She met with us to understand our vision and went above and beyond to make it happen.

She was there to go wedding dress shopping with me. I remember showing up at David’s Bridal overwhelmed and nervous. She walked in the doors and took charge. My Mom’s first comment was about how calm Madeline made her feel. She gave great advice and helped with every situation. She was there to talk whenever we needed it, I never felt like a burden to her.

I truly feel that she was just as excited about our wedding as we were. Thank you, Madeline and Karen, and to your team for making our wedding simply magical.

Sasha and Shane Sexton - The Newlyweds

Sasha and Shane Temecula 2018

Response from I Love You Maddly Weddings & Events:

Thank you Sasha and Shane
We had such a wonderful time and it was everything you wanted and more such an incredible family and the day couldn't have been more perfect we are honored to have been part of your Spectacular wedding !
Thank you
Karen & Madeline

Jenny and Liam Roddy
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Apr 16, 2019
Veil Tales Weddings helped create my magical winter wedding dreamscape that I had envisioned, and they did it with so much care and dedication to detail. Madeline and Karen listened to everything I wanted, did everything I asked, and set up an idyllic space all with a calm attitude and happy disposition.

I am a control freak, so it was going to be hard for me to hand the reins over to someone else. But I knew I couldn’t do it myself on my wedding day - and they did not let me down! They followed every request I made and when we walked into our space, it was truly my dream come true.

They clearly care about personal touch and making every detail count. Thank you, Veil Tales Weddings, for being so wonderful!

Jenny Rose & Liam Roddy, 2017

Response from I Love You Maddly Weddings & Events:

Thank you Jenny and Liam it was an honor to be your advisor and collaborator for this amazing event ! What a gorgeous wedding it was so magical day!
Madeline and Karen