Wedding & Event Planning

Illustrious Events, LLC

ABOUT Illustrious Events, LLC

At Illustrious Events, our approach is hands-on and personal, and our inspiration lies in keeping focus on the relationship that you are celebrating. Whether the atmosphere is fun and upbeat, or elegant and romantic, we want you to be delighted with the final outcome.

Weddings are our biggest passion! We are honored to be a part of such a special time in two people’s lives and inspired by the level of detail that goes into a memorable wedding. Its really important to myself and my staff to make both partners, in addition to their families, less stressed and able to comfortably let go of the reins come the month of the wedding, let alone the day of the wedding. We also want the process to be fun and creative! We are known equally for our patience, experience and honesty. Illustrious Events can happily say, many of our wedding clients become friends!

We are so grateful for this line of work that enables us to get closer to our clients and help them more effectively than many people are allowed in other fields of work. While we go about our jobs, the sentiment of love, marriage and family is never lost on us. We look forward to collaborating further and helping to make this important event an elegant, fun, memorable, stellar evening for all in attendance!