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Not your ordinary Wedding Planners. Our two most important values are inclusion and environmentally conscious actions. We love love. Period. No matter who you love, what you worship or don’t, where you’re from, or any other aspect of your identity - as long as you feel the same, we would love to assist you. We’re all on this planet together, and it’s the only one we have. Events can leave a hefty impact on the environment, but they don’t have to. We strive to inspire our clients to choose environmentally friendly alternatives and continuously educate ourselves about the financial and ecological benefits eco-friendly decisions hold. For more information on where we stand, our support of Black Lives Matter, and a list of some of our favorite social justice resources, check out our blog.


The most inclusive of our services, Full Wedding Planning comes with everything in Day of Wedding Management and Wedding Design, plus the management, coordination, and implementation of every last thoughtful detail.

Planning a wedding is a full time job. On average, it takes more than 300 hours. That’s nearly 8 weeks of your time away from your work, your loved ones, and your passions!

Let us work tirelessly to ensure all components of your wedding day are taken care of, including your unique wedding design and all necessary logistics. Your complete and total relaxation during all stages of the planning process is our goal. From the budget to the cake knives and everything in between, we’ll be there to ensure your wedding dreams come to life!

Do you have a knack for managing logistics but struggle with design inspiration? Or maybe you're unsure of how to marry all of your amazing ideas? We would love to assist!

When you book us for Wedding Design, we will spend quality time getting to know you and your partner so we can conceptualize the unique artistry of your love into an equally unique wedding “brand” or design. Our focus will be on brainstorming and sourcing your wedding design from top to bottom, working with other vendors to ensure cohesion, and providing eco-friendly solutions without compromising quality aesthetic.

We will even throw in Day of Wedding Management to ensure your carefully curated plans run just as smoothly as your unique design!

From intimate elopements to 300+ guest weddings, this is perfect for the folks that enjoy the planning and design processes, and who understand the importance of having the proper team in place the day of.

We’ll start you off on the right foot with an in-depth planning meeting, where we will go over your budget, remaining tasks, vendor needs and preferences, coach you through any current or potential roadblocks, and answer your outstanding planning questions (that we didn’t already give away for free in the consultation, lol). We remain available to you to answer questions via e-mail during every stage of your planning journey, as well. Then, we’ll jump in 8 weeks out, walk-thru your venue with you, review your timeline, and connect with all of your vendors, sending final confirmations and details in the weeks leading up to the big day.

On the day of your wedding, two professional Wedding Managers will juggle all of your carefully planned components so you and your loved ones can relax - maybe drink a glass or three of champagne - and create those everlasting memories everyone has been talking about!

Flowers are everything to us. Whether you hire us for wedding planning, design, or neither, we would love to assist you with your floral design & installation. From sustainable local flower farms to LA flower market wonders, we love brainstorming and sourcing the perfect floral to bring your wedding day dreams into reality while utilizing eco-friendly methods and supplies. Let’s grow together!