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Off the Beaten Path, Inc.

ABOUT Off the Beaten Path, Inc.

Off the Beaten Path is a wedding & event planning, catering & design business located in Northern California's wine country. We specialize in celebrations in nature in "off the beaten path" locations that focus on the natural beauty, delicious wine and fantastic food of California's wine country.

Our private and exclusive venues will allow you and your guests to fully enjoy your celebration in a serene environment. The combination of locally-sourced products, seasonally inspired drinks and personal touches will be a memorable part of your day and will have your guests talking for years to come.


The Off the Beaten Path brand is all about culinary celebrations in wine country with nature as the backdrop!! At it's core, is our belief that an incredible and memorable celebration happens while sharing food, drinks and amazing experiences in beautiful outdoor settings. We focus on the soul of your celebration by creating bountiful farm to table feasts, hand crafted cocktails and gorgeous locally harvested florals fresh from the farm (in addition to being able to help you find an amazing "off the beaten path" location). The added bonus is that we also are able to work with you every step of the way as your planners. Our warm and gracious team of magic makers take hospitality very seriously and prioritizes every detail. We know that the small touches personalize things and make your guests feel special and well taken care of.

Our focus is on al fresco farm-to-table dining using only locally sourced seasonally inspired product. We focus on the experience by making the meal visual and fun as well as the best food you will ever eat. We are approachable foodies who know the importance of amazing food! We also craft seasonally inspired beverages and our mixologist will work with you on creating your perfect signature cocktails!

With a showroom of amazing containers; from birch wood to mercury glass, vintage wood boxes, golds and rose golds, these options always create amazing tablescapes! The little touches are what your guests will remember and we completely prioritize these. Olive oils & salts, napkin treatments, hand-lettered signage, place cards, amazing custom menus, & personalized bar menus - the possibilities are endless.