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10 Late-Night Snacks to Serve at Your Wedding

Midnight Bites to Keep Guests Dancing Until Dawn

Having an amazing experience as a wedding guest is something most couples hope to make happen for their loved ones on their big day, and food is an integral part of that. The Pompeiians weren’t wrong when they said eating and drinking make people merry! Anyone planning a wedding is focusing a lot of attention on all the spirits and treats they can bring to the literal table. One area you should not overlook, and a way to bring a fun pick-me-up into the evening, is a late-night snack to keep the party going until dawn! Get creative and fun with these late-night snack ideas below.


Popcorn is top of the list for so many reasons. It can be all dressed up, it can be totally plain, it can be seasoned to fit your wedding theme, it can come in a myriad of versions, and it’s a no-brainer for a late-night snack option. You can have personalized bags, an on-site popcorn stand making it fresh, and a variety of items to sprinkle on top. Affordable, portable, and yummy make popcorn a list topper to roll out as the evening goes on.

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Churros are not just the only reason to go to Disneyland, they’re an amazing late-night snack idea. Churros are simple to make and can come premade or you could enlist a food truck or cart to have them made on-site. Guests can snag a churro and hit the dance floor with it in hand, and then go back for seconds!


Add elegance and sustenance at once by setting out late-night charcuterie boards for guests to munch on at their leisure as the evening runs late. A very easy self-serving option to keep guests happy and satisfied while lingering until the night, charcuterie gives such a wide array of options between sweet and savory items. Also, charcuterie boards are their own décor, so you can really make a personal statement with each pretty board.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Is your wedding in the summertime? What could be more fun than rolling out a platter of ice cream sandwiches after ten o’clock to give everyone a way to cool off and perk up? Ice cream sandwiches can be elaborate affairs with homemade cookies and fancy flavors of ice cream being served up, or they can be super simple with traditional boxes of the goodies spilled out onto platters. Any way you serve it, an ice cream sandwich is a hit!


Sliders are a go-to late-night snack for so many reasons. They’re easy, tasty, and quick to chow down on before rushing back to the dance floor when your favorite song comes on. The tiny little burgers are the perfect after-dinner grab and cute addition to any table of treats. Get really fun and dye the buns to match your wedding colors.


Hot Chocolate & Baked Goods

If your wedding is in the chillier months of the year, a late-night serving of hot chocolate and baked goods is comforting and cozy as the night winds down. As the temperature drops outside, your guests will really appreciate the way to warm up and stay longer at your event with a little dose of hot cocoa!

Your Favorite Fast Food

Do you know what’s almost better than a delicious wedding dinner? A platter of Chick-Fil-A nuggets after the sun goes down. Show your personality and indulge your guests by serving up platters of your favorite fast-food tacos, cheeseburgers, or nuggets, and watch your guests light up! Adding a dose of fast food to the late-night partyers is never a wrong choice and your guests will gobble it all down with joy.

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It’s hard to imagine a better late-night treat than a s’more. A DIY s’mores bar where you’ve laid out the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows near an open flame is not only fun, it’s delicious! S’mores are great in any season and this touch will be a huge hit on your big day for all lucky enough to attend.

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Poke Bowls

Mix up your food choices with a hip choice like a mini poke bowl bar. A refreshing late-night snack, especially in warmer months, poke bowls are light enough to not overfill at late hours but substantial enough to keep the party going. Set out the bar and let people create their own chilled bowl of yummy!

Milk & Cookies Bar

Cookies and milk may sound overly traditional, but that’s because it's good every time. There's never an occasion when a tray of warm cookies and glasses of milk don’t bring happiness, and a wedding is no exception. As the evening heads into the night, a milk and cookiues bar will make your guests feel comfy and loved as they continue your celebration into the wee hours.

Milk and Cookies
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In the end, any late-night snack you serve your guests will be greeted with feelings of warmth, and the thoughtful gesture will never go unnoticed. By adding this touch of nosh for the people who have come together to witness your biggest day, you’ll be letting them all know you appreciate them and hope they stay a little longer to celebrate your love. In every culture, in every time period, breaking bread together means love, and this is just another way to share that love on your big day.


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