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10 Tips for Planning (or Replanning) a Wedding Post-Pandemic

Expert Advice Straight From the Pros

Wedding season is in full effect and professionals want to help newly engaged couples get the planning process started for even their 2023 events! With the overwhelming number of clients, vendors are booking up faster than ever and are working twice as many events as years past. With the combination of postponed and new weddings, there's no better time than now to get ahead on planning the wedding of your dreams! From cutting your guest list to changing the date, learn what these 10 wedding experts have to say about planning (or replanning) your wedding in the post-pandemic future.

Becca & Co.

"It's NEVER too early to reach out to vendors. We're booking up fast (we're already into 2023) and trying to navigate multiple postponements on top of the regular influx of weddings. Be kind, be patient, and be preemptive. We want to help you, so let's make sure there's plenty of time to arrange that!" —Becca Tuttle of Becca & Co.

I Do Events

"Stay flexible with your plans. We're not out of the woods yet with COVID and things are changing daily depending on what state you're getting married in. Whether it be downsizing your guest list, having a plated meal instead of a buffet, or not being able to get a product in because there’s a shortage, these are all issues that we're encountering so staying flexible and fluid with your plans is key!" —Lorell David of I Do Events

Chris J Evans

"Be patient with your photographer! We're in the middle of two wedding seasons in one. Your images are safe, we're finishing each wedding in the order they were shot. You're special, your wedding was special, and so were the 17 weddings before yours. We'll finish the job right, not fast." —Chris J. Evans of Chris J. Evans Photography

Kay Northrup Events

"Throw out the rules of etiquette—it's okay to un-invite people you initially invited. Over a rollercoaster of a year, relationships changed, grew, or ended. Don't let the guilt of having invited someone to your wedding *over a year ago* be the only reason you're keeping them on the guest list." —Kay Northrup of Kay Northrup Events

By Julieta

"Go with the flow and accept the unexpected. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to come together with your fiancée, get stronger as a couple, and just enjoy the ride!" —Julieta Amezcua of By Julieta Photography

Paper Crane Calligraphy

"Plan AND book early—there’s just no way around the wedding-boom! But don’t rush and panic-book the first available vendor just because they have your date free and fit the budget. It’s still your day and each vendor should fit into your wedding story and create an experience you want to share with your guests!" —Elizabeth Moore of Paper Crane Calligraphy

Perrier Planning

"Get creative with the layout and timing of the event. Traditional days like Friday and Saturday are already booked up at most places. Think about a brunch wedding, a Sunday lunch, or a brewery wedding. Don’t try and take everyone’s work schedules into account—it’s your wedding and it can be any time of the day or night." —Holly Perrier of Perrier Planning

Eco Tip: Try to eliminate splitting up your ceremony and reception venue or make the locations walkable to lower your carbon footprint—Holly Perrier of Perrier Planning  

Carissa Corsi Events

"Don’t wait to book your venue or vendors! The popular ones are booking up quickly and there's still an accumulation of couples to accommodate continuing through 2022 and 2023. And, with lots of businesses having to shut down due to the state of the world, there's a much higher need for venues and vendors now more than ever before!" —Carissa Corsi of Carissa Corsi Events

Nicole Please Weddings

"Pace the alcohol served—especially under the sun! More guests are willing to party harder and longer so make sure you provide a late-night snack and enough water stations to keep everyone hydrated." —Nicole Froelich of Nicole Please Weddings

Matthew Steffen

“The pandemic has been really hard on the restaurant/catering industry and I think it’s important that couples truly realize that. With the distribution of food still being behind, we’re trying our best to keep your wedding menus the same without compromising quality. Give your vendors some grace and know that even if something isn’t available anymore, we'll do our best to give you a better or equivalent option to serve your friends and family!” —Matthew Stetten, Executive Chef at Core Fire Kitchen


Hero photo courtesy of By Julieta

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