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10 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding Day

Make Your Kids Feel Special on the Big Day

A wedding symbolizes a couple’s commitment to joining their lives together forever. For some, however, it’s about more than just the bride and groom because they have children who will also become members of this new family. So it makes sense that the day should be as special and meaningful for the kids as it is for their parents. Here are 10 simple ways to include them in all of the festivities.

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Let them help with the planning.

There's so much excitement leading up to the big day so why not allow your kids to play a part in the planning process? While they don’t have to attend every meeting or visit every vendor, they’re sure to enjoy sampling cake flavors, helping out with any DIY projects, packaging favors and welcome bags, and, of course, figuring out what they’re going to wear to the wedding.

Choose complementary attire.

Speaking of attire, shine a spotlight on the kids by having them wear outfits that complement your ensemble in some way. Think of a dress in the same shade as the bride’s gown, a matching bouquet, and/or the same tie and boutonniere as the groom.

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Include them in the details.

You might want to include the kids’ names on the wedding invite and have them appear in some of the engagement photos, especially if you’re going to be showcasing them on the wedding website or at any of the wedding-related events (rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, etc.).

Give them a role.

Assigning your children a duty for the wedding day will really make them feel special. Younger kids could walk down the aisle as flower girls and ring bearers, while tweens and teens will probably be more comfortable as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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Share a symbol of your unity.

During the ceremony, ask the kids to join you at the altar for a unity ceremony that will symbolize you're coming together as a family. For example, instead of pouring different colored sand into a jar, pour bright candies into it, with each color representing a different member of the family.

Mention them in the vows.

Don’t just promise to love each other for the rest of your lives. Both the bride and groom should include the children in their vows, explaining their commitment to their new family and the love they have for everyone in it.

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Give them a gift.

All members of the bridal party are usually given a gift at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding. Present your children with a special gift just for them. It can be a piece of jewelry (a bracelet for the girls; a watch for the boys) engraved with a loving message or the wedding date.

Create a signature drink for them.

Of course, these will be virgin cocktails! Ask your venue to come up with one or two colorful mocktails the kids will love to order at the bar during the event.

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Set up a special table.

Of course, the kids can sit with the bride and groom during dinner (if that's what you want), but there can also be a table just for them with arts and crafts supplies, board games, and other fun items to keep them entertained when they’re not on the dance floor.

Do a first family dance.

After the bride and groom takes a whirl around the dance floor, play a special song for a family dance that involves the kids. You can even all work on choreographing it together.

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