Cute Wedding Ideas

10 Ways to Throw the Best Wedding Ever

Cute Ideas That Deliver Unforgettable Wedding Experiences

For many, the big day happens only once. If this is you, you want to look back at the day with fondness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. But this can only happen if you've created wedding experiences that remain evergreen.

Now, the issue is people get more creative by the day. So what can you do to make your wedding stand out, taking it from basic to extraordinary? It doesn't have to be something uber-expensive or unheard of. The little things count, that's why we've put together great ideas to help you have amazing weddings.

1. Get a Bride Box

Your wedding experience begins from the day of your proposal. And getting yourself a subscription to bride boxes makes it worthwhile. Bridal boxes are services that double as a wedding planner and fun buddy. It gets better when opting for a wedding subscription box that helps you in the switch from Miss to Mrs.

The wedding industry is filled with creative brands like the Miss to Mrs. Bridal Box which caught our attention. It caters to brides from the proposal until the honeymoon, offering nine themed boxes. Miss to Mrs. Bridal boxes also offers four subscription plans that are streamlined towards your wedding date. The plans are monthly, accelerated, extended, and quarterly to the bride's benefit

Miss to Mrs. Boxes contains carefully curated custom items suitable for both brides and lesbian couples. You'll have a swell time unveiling your boxes containing jewelry, inspiration and tips, marches, decor, beauty, and spa essentials.

Miss to Mrs Box


2. Set Up a Lounge Section

Some guests get drained by excessive noise and music, while others may need a brief getaway. Set up a lounge for these kinds of people where they can relax. A couple of couches, calming lights, and a minibar in a sectioned area will give them some privacy.

3. Create a Wedding Hashtag

A beautiful way to curate all your wedding moments in one place is by creating a wedding hashtag. Include this hashtag on wedding invites, place cards, monogrammed towels, etc. Encourage the guests to use it on their social media platforms. You can also you a common application where you have all the guests. They can post pictures and also interact while having fun.

4. Use Personalized Wedding Programs

Create unique wedding programs tailored to suit your wedding. Make it align with your wedding theme and color palette. Make it comprehensive outlining your program of the day, songs, rituals, and all. Make sure to translate everything into the languages of those attending your wedding. This will help them not feel left out while holding their attention.

5. Accept Song Requests

One of the ways to make your wedding unforgettable is by involving your guests. For your reception, have the guests name a song that they love in their RSVP. Compile them and play at the reception. The guests will always relish the experience of hearing their songs play at your wedding.

6. Offer Goody Bags to Guests

Give your guests the experience of a great wedding by welcoming them with goodie bags. For guests coming from afar, lodge them in hotels and keep these bags in their rooms. Include mint gums, candies, wipes, a map/direction to the venue, snacks, toiletries, and more. Monogram the bags with your initials and wedding date for more personalization.

7. Hold a Creative Class

One of the ways to have memorable weddings is by learning something new. The guests will be thrilled to learn a craft that they would have otherwise paid for. Pottery, sculpting, drawing, cooking, and baking are some of the things that guests can learn. It leaves your guests grateful and excited for the longest time.

8. Create Signature Cocktails

Ensure a memorable and good party by rolling out signature cocktails at the wedding. Two to four cocktail recipes between the bride and groom are enough to awaken the guest’s taste buds. You can teach the guests the recipes or create a DIY bar where they can make it themselves.

9. Give Practical Favors

One of the most potent wedding reception tips is to give practical favors. Some of which they can use at the wedding and for a long time posts nuptials. For instance, shawls are favors that they can use long after the wedding. Assorted snacks and mini wines are favors that can entertain them through the wedding or at home. Just think of what will appeal most to your guests and to for it.

10. Entertain Wedding Games

One of the creative ways to make a wedding memorable is by entertaining games. Split the guests into groups to maximize your space. Play interactive games like ping pong, bocce ball, card games, oversize Jenga, scrabble, trivia, and backgammon. This is a beautiful way to break the ice, have the guests mixing, and working off boredom.

It takes the little things to create memorable wedding experiences. Above are ten creative ideas to give you and the guests are beautiful time. Remember, it's all about you, so enjoy yourself.


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