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2023 Wedding Trends We Can’t Wait For

Food, Fashion, & Floral Trends We Can't Wait to See This Year

With the new year coming up, engaged couples—and their wedding planners—are looking forward to all of the new fads that will be popping up at events throughout 2023. And this year is gearing up to be one of the most memorable when it comes to trends in food, fashion, florals, and beyond. From bold colors and bows to haircuts after the ceremony (really!), here are some of the top trends we can’t wait to see this year!


According to Sandy Brook of Timeless Event Planning, some of the wedding trends taking over 2023 will make us feel as though we're stepping back into time, but with a modern twist. “One of the biggest trends we're seeing are bows on everything from your wedding shoes to your dress, and all the way to your wedding cake!”

Interactive Experiences

Couples will continue to make their guests’ overall experience a top priority. From voicemail guest books and haiku writers to live wood-burned portrait artists and custom cuisine stations, couples are pulling out all the stops to provide an evening of interactive entertainment for guests, explains Taryn Blake of Taryn Blake Events.

Pops of Color

Couples were already getting bolder when choosing their wedding day colors, and that trend will likely continue thanks to Pantone’s current color of the year—Viva Magenta. “Periwinkle is also having a long-awaited moment and neutral-on-neutral palettes (like black and white) with a single pop of color are becoming more mainstream,” says Blake.

Colored Dresses & Suits

Speaking of color, the runways at 2023 Bridal Fashion Week were packed with wedding gowns in romantic pastels and floral prints. Grooms are also looking for ways to stand out from the crowd on their special day, choosing colored suits over the usual black and gray. 


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Nontraditional Outfit & Hair Changes

Outfit changes on the wedding day are nothing new, but many brides are taking it to a new level. In addition to slipping into a short dress for the reception, some brides are choosing comfort over fashion by putting on a bridal sweatsuit so they can dance the night away with ease. Want to really switch up your look after the vows? Some women are getting a haircut in between the ceremony and the reception to debut a fresh ‘do during the first dance.

Blurry Wedding Photos

It might seem weird to intentionally capture a blurry photo, but the trend is meant to represent the frenzy and bliss you’re feeling on the big day. Expect photographers to include a few of these shots with your other wedding pictures, and most couples are expected to choose a more documentary style for their albums.

Cocktail-Style Dinners

Couples are less excited about formal sit-down dinners that have guests in their seats for an hour and a half or more, explains Sam Nelson of EVL Events. Instead, they want to mingle and have a more casual environment. With that in mind, they’re leaning into cocktail-style dinners with heavy appetizers and small stations.

Bespoke Veils

Brides are looking for more than an accessory to complement their wedding gowns. Veils are being embroidered with everything from the couple’s initials, wedding date, or even a sentimental quote or song line. 

High Slits

Brides aren’t afraid to show a little leg on their wedding day, with many donning gowns with high slits as they walk down the aisle.

Creative Ceremony Florals

From big arches to florals overflowing down the aisle, couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to the flowers for their ceremony. “We're also seeing unique ways to have ceremony aisle flowers such as the stems sticking out of the ground to make them look as if they're growing right from the aisle,” says Brooks.

Food Presentations

Yes, you want the food to taste phenomenal, but now couples and their caterers are paying extra attention to presentation. With that in mind, they're creating fun displays for cocktail hours such as charcuterie walls and interactive food stations. “And for dinners, they will choose fun containers to put food as basic as a salad in different glassware. Every single one of your guests will experience food so why not make it a fun experience?” notes Nelson.

Forgoing the Rehearsal Dinner

Instead of a formal rehearsal dinner, many couples are throwing a fun-filled welcome party for their family and friends and have a quick run-through with their planning team. “It’s seamless, top of mind, and super stress-free!” says Blake.


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