21 Innovative Ways to Use Florals in Your Wedding

21 Innovative Ways to Use Florals in Your Wedding

Fresh Floral Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Weddings and florals are synonymous. We love the classic ways we use flowers—bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and arches. So definitely incorporate them into your big day but don’t limit yourself to those floral forms alone! Flowers are the most captivating and decorative pieces of a wedding and they deserve some reimagining. In an age of innovation, take your florals to the next level with these unique and creative arrangements that will add color and life to your wedding!

1. Hanging Blooms

There’s nothing like the jaw-dropping effect of hanging florals. A favorite of many, hanging florals from above instantly add beauty and whimsy to any space. Transport your guests to wonderland with lush florals that defy gravity. Below are some go-to ways to achieve this look. 

  • String individual flowers so they cascade down. (Carnations are a great choice for this!)
  • Elaborate floral chandeliers are classy focal points. 
  • Hang bouquet clusters in lanterns for a woodland or boho theme. 
  • Shower your guests with a floral canopy suspended from the ceiling!
Hanging Florals
Photo courtesy of Greg Finck

2. Floating Florals

Full blooms and petals gently floating in water exude elegance and charm. Place florals in the venue’s bodies of water, such as pools, ponds, and fountains. Another lovely idea is to fill glasses, vases, and just about any vessel with water, and let florals float atop. These make the perfect centerpieces and table décor.

 3. Flower Escort Cards

Immerse your guests into a floral dream right from the start with a flower on each escort card!

4. Paper Flowers

If you want to go for an artsier aesthetic, paper flowers are a sweet way to add paper mache and texture into your wedding. Paper flowers look best as backdrops.

Paper Flowers
Photo courtesy of Samuel Lippke Studios

5. Floral Stationery 

Real-life or paper, add some texture to the menu and signage with florals. Adventures in Peaches and Pinks rocks the best of both worlds with print florals on the menu and a real simple stem sitting on top. Incorporate a floral print in the invitations and for a moodier finish, dried florals will do the trick. 

Floral Stationery
Photo courtesy of TheLockharts

6. Floral Rings

The most darling yet chic piece to make its way into wedding decor is floral rings! They’re minimalist and can add shape and movement anywhere they are placed. Hang above the bar and above the dessert table for a polished modern ambiance.

Floral Ring Bouquet
Photo courtesy of Captured By Martina

7. Elevated Centerpieces

For a vintage regency period look, choose raised bouquet centerpieces. A baroque flower holder will add that perfect royal touch and make it feel like your day is taking place at the Palace of Versailles. Think of a Bridgerton Inspired Wedding

Elevated Floral Centerpieces
Photo courtesy of Lauren Gabrielle Photography

8. Florals in Wooden Crates, Barrels, & Buckets

Putting flowers in unconventional places is all the rage and can really bring your theme together. If your theme is rustic: wooden crates with flowers blooming out. For a farm, ranch, or country wedding: barrels are a must. Now if your ambiance is more garden or European market, then buckets will be so classic and pretty!

9. Potted Flowers & Plants

For floral décor elements that are sustainable, can be repurposed, and taken home, place potted flowers and plants as centerpieces, aisle markers, dessert table ends, etc. Our favorite is displaying potted flowers and plants on tiered shelves. Not only is it gorgeous and interesting to look at, but it’s also a versatile way to hold escort cards and favors. In this Romantic Garden Wedding, they used succulents as the quaintest favors!

Potted Plant Escort Cards
Photo courtesy of XO & Fetti Photography

10. Flower Wall

This can be an accent wall, a backdrop, or a photo opportunity. Attach individual florals to the wall with spacing in between or create full clusters. 

11. Bloom Garland

Who doesn’t swoon over garland? For fullness and dimension, drape across tables, wrap around railings, and place atop mantles. 

12. Flower Chair Décor 

Flowers do not merely belong on tables. The party can be in the back too! Add some color to simple chairs by adding a bouquet attached to the back of them. In the Citrus & Blue Hued Bohemian Maui Wedding, these wooden chairs are transformed with pastel florals and greenery. 

Flowers on Chairs
Photo courtesy of Melia Lucida

13. Rose Petal Aisle 

The most romantic way to walk down the aisle is with vibrant rose petals leading you to your new future. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie. 

Red Rose Petal Aisle
Photo courtesy of Patrick Moyer

14. Floral Prints 

Florals for spring, of course, and florals on attire, revolutionary. Choose garments with floral accents on the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and suit prints.

Floral Accents on Wedding Dress
Photo courtesy of XO & Fetti Photography

15. Floral Veil 

There’s something so stunning and heartwarming about a veil with blooms scattered throughout it. If you want florals but don’t want your dress to have any, this is the option for you!

16. Flower Crowns

Flowers crowns have been around for a while and they’re here to stay because let’s face it, they’re so dang cute on everyone. They give us magical fairy frolicking in the fields realness, like in this Casual Backyard Wedding. Pick large blooms and lots of greenery to really make the crowns pop. This is especially timely and fitting for the 2021 trending Cottage Core Wedding theme!

Flower Accessories
Photo courtesy of Petula Pea Photography

17. Floral Accessories 

Pins, jewelry, shoes, socks, hairpieces, cuffs, enough said. Beauty is in the details, and floral accessories are no exception. 

18. Flowers on Cake & Pastries 

Edible or non-edible, florals belong on sweets! Top your desserts and cake with florals that match the rest of your wedding for cohesiveness. They’ll be the perfect shot for all of the foodies. 

Flower Painted Cookies
Photo courtesy of Sarah Stefani

19. Flower Art Installations

Depending on your theme, commission an artist to make art pieces that can be filled with florals. Custom-made sculptures will set your wedding apart and you and your guests will always remember how special they looked and felt. For example, if your theme is adventure and wanderlust consider a hot air balloon installation with beautiful blooms peeking through. 

20. Dried Florals & Pampas Grass 

Flowers are known for their liveliness, but dried florals have their place. If your wedding is moody, boho, dessert, or autumnal, dried flowers are the ultimate pairing. Pair dried florals with other dry elements, like pampas grass to complete your vision. 

Dried Floral Arch
Photo courtesy of By Julieta

21. Sweetheart Table Florals

Make a statement like a Backyard Wedding at the Allan House, and have all eyes on you. After all, it's your day so surround your sweetheart table with florals below, atop, and on the table so you're at the center of the night. 

Sweetheart Table Floral Arrangements
Photo courtesy of Weddings by Paige Vaughn 



Hero photo courtesy of Greg Finck

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