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3 Creative Ways to Work Metallics into Your Wedding Decor

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Metallics are all the rage this season—but overdo it and your wedding could end up looking either crazy gaudy or super futuristic. The key with metallics is to remember less is more, and to weave them evenly throughout your event aesthetic, without going too heavy-handed in any one area. If you love shiny objects as much as we do, though, keeping metallics to a modern minimum can be hard. Below, then, we’ve broken down three creative ways to work modern metallics into your wedding decor, without leaving your guests blinded by the light. Read (and shine) on.

1. Add a Metallic Finish to Natural Objects

Try getting super creative with it and spray-painting natural objects (like river stones, leaves, pears, apples, pomegranates, etc.) in a metallic gold, silver or copper. You can use these as place cards by having a professional calligrapher finish the pieces by adding guests’ names to each. For objects that can’t be easily written on (like feathers, for example), paint them in your chosen metallic, then attach them to a card that bears the guest’s name. In addition to using these as place cards, you can also weave metallic-painted items throughout the event as additions to centerpieces or floral arrangements. Copper-coated feathers would look insanely dreamy placed throughout a floral garland as a table runner, for example. Or, we’re swooning over the idea of a ring bearer bringing the rings down the aisle on gold-painted antlers.

gold metallic wedding
Photo courtesy of Joseph Matthew Photography and Wynn Austin Events


2. Gold, Copper, or Silver Leaf Dessert Displays

We love the idea of making desserts part of the overall event aesthetic—but we’re not talking about a traditional tiered cake. Instead, opt for a donut display wall, where evenly spaced-out donuts hang individually on a massive wall in the reception area. Have your caterer or baker add gold, copper, or silver leaf (or all three if it works with your wedding design) to about a third of the donuts in varying patterns. The end result will be a stunning wall that looks pretty and serves a purpose. Not a donut person? Not to worry. Professional bakers can add metallic leaf to nearly any dessert you can dream up—cupcake displays, petit fours, etc.

Metallic gold wedding cakes
Photo courtesy of Ryan Lindsey Photography

3. Photo Booth Backdrops and Props

As event planners, there’s nothing we love getting our hands on more than a photo booth that’s been left behind in the dust. So many weddings are executed beautifully—but then the photo booth sits off in the corner with nothing but a simple white backdrop and a few plastic props to its name (poor thing). We happen to think the photo booth is a perfect place to work some metallics into your wedding design. Add gold, copper, or silver leaf to a traditional white backdrop. Or, hang a modern metallic garland as a backdrop. Then, spray paint all props (sunglasses, giant feathers, hats, antlers, etc.) in gold, copper, and/or silver as well. The end result will be photos that are a ton of fun and a sophisticated photo booth that still works with your overall event aesthetic.

She Wonders Gold Ceremony Backdrop
Photo courtesy of She Wanders



Hero photo courtesy of Bruna Kitchen Photography

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