5 Creative Photobooth Ideas

Think Outside the Booth

As an engaged couple, you’re probably highly aware of the extreme popularity of wedding photo booths. While we love a good photo booth, we have to admit, we’re sort of over plastic glasses and silly signs. Instead, we recommend making your photo booth an extension of your overall wedding aesthetic. Today, then, we’re breaking down down some seriously swoon-worthy photo booth ideas for that next soiree.

1. Oh Hey, Origami

We love the idea of commissioning custom origami pieces for your photo booth. This aesthetic works especially well with weddings that boast geometric patterns, clean lines and an overall zen vibe. We are totally swooning over these super creative origami animal masks from Andy and Marissa’s unforgettable nuptials in Ojai, California. But, masks aren’t the only way to make a statement—try origami hand props, bow ties, or even mustaches. We also love the idea of using origami as a backdrop. Craft a wall of classic hanging origami cranes for a backdrop that guests won’t soon forget.

photo booth arrow
Photo courtesy of Mackensey Alexander Photography

2. Seeing Sideways

Why not flip things on their head and create a scene that gets your guests dancing on ceilings and hanging from fans? Best for the couple whose wedding is all about fun, fun, fun, a sideways photo booth is a great way to make a statement (and your guests will talk about it for years to come, guaranteed). Build a sideways “room” as a photo booth, complete with a fan attached to one wall and furniture attached to the wall directly opposite. Use props and proper placement of guests to help drive the scene home—with the right design eye (and a great photographer) you can really make it look as though they’re hanging from the fan and walking up walls.

3. Striking Single Stems

For an earthy wedding, try taping single blooms to your photobooth backdrop or try hanging single dried flowers or dried herbs, one by one, in straight lines against a white backdrop (clothesline style). The key is to separate out each flower, rather than clustering them together. Space flowers or herbs about 3-6 inches apart from one another to really create a clean take on the popular boho aesthetic. The finished product will be striking in its simplicity. For props, opt for a few beautiful flower crowns for guests to don and single long-stem roses for them to hold. Think: Anthropologie meets West Elm.

floral backdrop for a photobooth
Photo courtesy of Erin McGinn Photography

4. Get Nostalgic

Part of the charm of a photo booth is the nostalgia aspect. We love the idea, then, of really driving this home with high-quality throwback props. Have a bride who loves to write? Why not line up vintage typewriters on a shelf as a backdrop? Or, bring in old-school binoculars and pocket watches for guests to don. For your London-loving couple, try using a vintage red phone booth as the backdrop. And for the ultimate nostalgic touch, what about a 1965 vintage Shasta trailer that has been converted into a photobooth! Less is more here, and quality is key. Skip paper mustaches and cheesey glasses—bring in top quality, truly vintage items. And, be sure to go with a photographer who can help communicate that aesthetic in the way they photograph the guests.

1965 Shasta Camper Photobooth
Photo courtesy of Allen Tsai Photography

5. Living Wall

For the outdoorsy couple who is all about the big blue skies and lush land, try creating a living wall chock-full of succulents, air plants and growing greenery. In order to make a statement, the wall should be super lush and full—you don’t want any blank space peeking through. Then, place two simple white chairs or one clean-lined white couch in front of the wall. The simplicity of the stark white seating against the complexity of a lush, green wall will create a striking contrast that makes for killer photos. For props, opt for understated crowns made of birch branches or single large pinecones for guests to hold.

Overall, creating a great photo booth is all about looking for ways to incorporate the wedding aesthetic and your personal interests into the scene you set up. Rather than focusing on silly props, focus on the final photographs—you want to create a setting that is striking when photographed. With gorgeous images in hand, your guests will thank you for thinking outside of the typical wedding photo booth.


Hero Photo Courtesy of Shane and Lauren Photography

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