5 Unlikely Places to Find Wedding Design Inspiration

When Perusing Pinterest Just Won't Cut It

We love Pinterest as much as the next crafty and creative guru, but when it comes to planning a party that stands out from the masses, sometimes you have to turn to lesser-known places to find wedding design inspiration. Today, then, we’ve rounded up our five favorite places to find one-of-a-kind inspiration for a wedding that’s anything but ordinary. 

1. Interior Design Stores

From West Elm to Anthropologie, there’s no better place to find inspiration for seriously dreamy event aesthetics than interior design stores. Modern interior design brands are always on the forefront of trends—plus, they offer perfect inspiration for everything from lounge areas to bar decor. We recommend finding a few statement pieces you can’t live without (that stunning turquoise throw or that crazy-tall, super-chic ceramic vase) and letting those guide your design vision. 

Anthropologie floral window display
Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

2. Bakeries

Baking is an art—so we love the idea of heading to a local bakery and peeping their pastry case on your hunt to find wedding design inspiration. Whether it’s a luster-dusted macaron or the prettiest homemade pop-tart, you’ll find everything from color-palette ideas to dessert-table inspiration at these oh-so sweet shops. 

3. Art Museums

There’s no better place to get your creative juices flowing than at a local art museum. From sculptures in inspiring shapes to abstract paintings in the prettiest hues, your local art museum is a perfect place to find wedding design inspiration. Head in with an open mine and let the paintings, photographs, and other pieces of art guide your design process. (Psst...local art museums also tend to have epic gift shops—stop in yours and search for everything from wedding-party gifts to decor items.) 

4. Small Businesses

Whether it’s that local handmade soap shop or the flower store around the corner, local businesses are chock-full of great wedding design inspiration. They’re also a great place to gather everything from wedding favors to bridesmaids gifts. 

Native Poppy
Photo courtesy of Native Poppy

5. The Hardware Store

Say what? You read that right—the hardware store can be an amazing place to find design inspiration if you keep an open mind. Browse their endless array of paint swatches as you work to nail down a color palette—and check out what they’ve got going on in the lighting department as you look for lighting options for your affair. Hardware stores also offer a ton of free samples—from ceramic squares to paint swatches—that can be dressed up and used as place or escort cards for those planning their Big Day on a budget (score!).


Hero Photo Courtesy of Scottsdale bakery Ruze Cake House

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