7 Tips for Stopping and Experiencing Your Whirlwind Wedding Day Together

Don't Let the Day Just Pass You By

“Your wedding day goes by so fast. It will be a complete blur. Take time to actually enjoy it.” We are sure that at a few friends and family members have told you this already. The problem is that no one ever tells you exactly how to relax and enjoy the wedding day, or how to carve out time for yourselves. Here are seven tips to help make sure you and your new spouse can take the time to pause and fully experience your whirlwind wedding day together:

1. Start At The Beginning

The spinning for most couples starts the day before the wedding. This is when out of town family members and your wedding party will arrive; followed by a rehearsal to run through the wedding day and typically a rehearsal dinner. Take some time alone at the end of the evening before you go your separate ways for the night. Find somewhere quiet, enjoy a drink together, and talk about the day to come and what things you are looking forward to.

2. First Look

The jury is still out on first looks. There are some couples who are adamantly against them and those who look forward to seeing each other for a moment alone before the wedding. Be sure that if you are doing a first look, you keep it as intimate as possible with just your wedding photographer and videographer at a distance shooting the event. The last thing you want is your wedding party and family crowding in for a peek.

If you choose not to do a first look, a very special alternative is to have each of your honor attendants deliver a hand-written note to your future spouse before the ceremony. You can also choose to position yourselves on either side of an open door or around the corner from each other and read your notes aloud and have a first touch.

3. Strike A Pose

Wedding portraits are always a wonderful time to slow down and spend some time together. After finishing up the family and wedding party images, take some time for just the two of you. Take a stroll holding hands, talk about the ceremony, or sit down for a few minutes to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Skip The Cocktail Hour

We often hear couples talk about rushing to finish their wedding photos to get to the cocktail hour. Ask any married couple today and only a few will say they wish they had more time at the cocktail party, while most will say they wish they had more time alone and more wedding portraits together. Truth is, you will get about five steps into the cocktail hour and be stopped in your tracks by the first group of people, and most likely will not get much further.

5. Break Bread Together

Arrange for a private meeting room for just the two of you. Set the space with a simple table for two with linens and a few candles. Have the caterer set a selection of your hors d’oeuvres, two glasses of champagne, some fresh bread, and your first course. This not only gives you both some time alone and some wonderful photos, but during your guests first course you can start making your way around the room to greet your guests.

6. Your Point Of View

Set your sweetheart table with a Polaroid camera so the two of you can document your wedding day from your point of view. Whether it's watching your family make a toast, a selfie, or just some photos of the reception as it unfolds around you, it makes a fun photo album of your wedding reception from your vantage point.

7. Get Away

In many cases, getaway cars may not be as popular as in days gone by. Part of this is because couple’s want to get as much time as possible with their family and friends, or because couples are getting married in the same location where they are spending the night. But, seriously consider treating yourself to a fun ride. It could be a classic car, something with a little muscle, a pedicab, or even a horse drawn carriage. Take a ride, talk about the day, cuddle, and take it all in. Even if you are staying at the same location as the reception, go for a ride. You will be glad you took some quiet time together at the end of the night.


Hero Photo Courtesy Ed Sloane

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