The Best à la Mode Bridal Shower Themes

The Best à la Mode Bridal Shower Themes

10 Authentic & Modern Themes That You’ll Love

There’s nothing like the perfect theme. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a bridal shower theme can define the entire soirée. As the honorary person tasked with planning the bridal shower you have so much to think about. Start by reading Wedding Shower Planning 101 or How to Host a Virtual Bridal Shower to learn about the ins and outs of planning a bridal shower. From hosting, venue, invites, menu, games, etc. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and confidence is high, you must decide on the aforementioned theme. The tried and true bridal shower doesn’t have to be a tired theme of been there done that. Transform a good theme to groundbreaking with these 10 modern themes that will make for the most memorable and special shower. We’ve taken our favorite on-screen moments from beloved TV shows, current trends, and nostalgic throwbacks to inspire a theme that's just right for the bride-to-be. 

Cottagecore Picnic

Cottagecare is the first on the list for a reason. It’s the aesthetic that's taken over social media and our hearts. The cottagecore aesthetic is a darling fashion trend, wedding/party theme, and the dream picnicking with friends vibe. It’s a combination of everything you think it is. Picture a quaint cottage nestled in the countryside, with lush greenery and blooming florals everywhere. Everyone is happy and wearing flowy skirts, puffy sleeves, and floral prints while picking wildflowers with the cutest woven baskets. Take this mood and turn it into a bridal shower theme by choosing an outdoor venue like a backyard, garden, or park. Choose neutral or pastel colors, decorate with bundles of bright wildflowers and baby's breath, set out blankets to sit on and use baskets as décor, and hold delicious comfort foods of course! Make sure to include fresh fruits, cheeses, breads, and plenty of delicious wine. Encourage guests to come in a cottagecore dress or cottagecore inspired look. The pictures will be divine.

Cottagecore Wedding Inspiration
Photo courtesy of Holes in The World (Left), Christy Kendall Photography (Right)

Astrology Aesthetic

Okay hear us out, this can actually be a super chic theme! If the bride lives and breathes astrology and is all about zodiac energy, then this is a new and unique theme that will be magical. Use darker tones or jewel tones to set the atmosphere, concoct fancy cocktail potions, decorate with wildflowers and herbs, use crystals and terrariums as centerpieces, and hire a professional astrologer to read everyone’s birth charts.

Astrology Aesthetic
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carpenter Photography, Featured in Santorini Under the Stars

Bridgerton Garden Tea Party

For a classy regency moment, take inspiration from the Netflix original Bridgerton. We’re all high-key obsessed with the feelings it evokes and can’t wait to put on our corsets and be courted through the social season. To bring this theme to life, hang lush florals from above, stay in a cream, violet, baby blue color palette, thrift elegant look-alike china, set up velvet chairs, serve quaint finger sandwiches and pastel pastries, and for the crowning jewel—serve traditional English tea. Have guests wear white gloves, nice dresses, jewelry, and updos, and you’re all set to enjoy the most sought-after invite in high society.

Bridgerton Tea Party
Photo courtesy of Erica Vernis, Design by Denise Lillie Engagements

Taylor Swift Eras

This is for every Swiftie out there. Being a fan of Taylor Swift is as easy as breathing. Each of her albums has a distinct aesthetic and sound, so there's something for everyone. Her ability to give her audience fresh content makes for the perfect era-themed party. You have nine albums/eras to work with. Assign one era to each part of the bridal shower with its associated vibe and color palette. For example, have a 1989 inspired photobooth with a polaroid camera. Guests can take home their polaroids and remember how much fun they had! A Lover-themed dessert bar with bright colors, clouds, and butterflies—all to a perfectly curated Taylor Swift playlist! Guests can dress in their favorite Taylor era to really bring the theme to life. If they're a Reputation fan, they’ll rock black edgy clothes, while a Speak Now fan would work a shimmery dress, and an Evermore fan would serve a cozy indie-folk coat and braid.

Taylor Swift Album Covers


Paris in Love

Emily in Paris gave Americans Parisian wanderlust. As cliche as some of the tropes of French culture are in the show, we can’t deny how dreamy Paris is in the moonlight. Travel to Paris by adding plenty of twinkling lights reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower at midnight, rose bouquets, a beautiful spread of french baguettes, cheese, croissants, wine, coffee, delectable crepes, and macaroons, and the guests will leave with happy stomachs and souls. Play romantic ambient French music in the background to seal the deal.

Emily in Paris


Pajama Party

Going to a sleepover as a kid was one of the biggest highlights of childhood so why not bring it back! Guests can wear their cutest PJs and slippers and you can give them sleeping masks or robes as favors. The food obviously has to be mouthwatering breakfast favorites like donuts, pancakes, waffles, french toast, fruit, bread, egg bites, and mimosas of course! Sleepovers are all about comfort so amp up the cozy level by decorating and using fuzzy blankets and pillows for guests to sit on.

Pajama Bridal Shower
Photo courtesy of Katie Edwards, Featured in Boho-Chic Wedding in Claremont, California


We all have that friend that's the biggest Friends fan and can quote every episode. Well if that friend is getting married, then a Friends bridal shower it is. There are so many iconic lines and motifs in the show, making it pretty easy to incorporate them into a shower. Bonus points if you have it as a local coffee shop with a small stage! Include food from the show, like Joey’s meatball sub from The 16 Best Food Moments from Friends, and play Friends trivia. Frame quotes, include the Central Perk sign, and have guests wear their best late '90s and early 2000’s styles. 

Friends-themed Bridal Shower
Photo courtesy of LuckyAvocado on Etsy

Gilmore Girls Bash

There’s nothing more nostalgic than the feel of a close-knit small town. Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls gives us that and more. Have the shower at a park with a gazebo. Decorate with plants, yellow daisies or pink roses, and hanging lights. Luke’s coffee is a must and Miss Patty’s Founders Day Punch. The Gilmore mother-daughter duo also loves their fair share of snacks, so now’s the time to enjoy red vines, Cheetos, and jumbo marshmallows. 

Outdoor Adventure

For an outdoor excursion, try going hiking to a local spot. Have a picnic beforehand then set out on your adventure. A bonfire is also a great option! Camping can be a hard commitment for some guests so a bonfire is a way to be out in nature, sit around a fire, and roast marshmallows. You get the same impact with less time so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Outdoor Picnic
Photo courtesy of Joseph Hardin Films, Featured in Elopement Inspiration at Yosemite National Park


Going on a wine tour to a local winery can be a simple and very trendy way to have a shower. If you can’t go to a winery, bring it home and have a backyard shower with plenty of wines for guests to sample. Provide wine complementary foods like cheese, bread, and dark chocolate. Go for rustic décor and dress in brunch attire that consists of jean jackets and large hats.


Hero photo courtesy of Katie Edwards

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