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The Best Paper Gifts to Celebrate a First Anniversary

Top Paper Picks From the Experts at Greetabl

Ah, the first year of marriage. It’s already been 365 days of marital bliss for you or your loved ones. How has the time flown? Whether you’re looking to celebrate one year of your union or your favorite couple’s first anniversary, a thoughtful gift will go a long way. But what gift do you purchase to toast to the first year of marriage?

It feels wrong to ignore the tradition of anniversary gifts by year. Which... kinda makes the gift-gifting process seem all the more complicated. But before you start spinning your wheels, remember that selecting an anniversary gift doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. The gifting experts at Greetabl are here to help you pick the perfect gift. After all, it’s kind of their thing. Whether you’re shopping for your spouse or the newly married folks in your life, their team will guide you through selecting a memorable and personalized gift for your recipient(s).

heart chocolates

But why do wedding anniversaries have specific themes?

It’s a great question and the perfect place to start. The tradition of anniversary themes dates back to the Middle Ages. We won’t bore you with a history lesson, but we’ll leave you with the important takeaway: With each year that passes, the couple’s relationship is strengthened. This sentiment is reflected in the items that are chosen to symbolize each passing year. So, what symbol starts as paper evolves into a diamond. You can read more about the history of anniversary themes via our friends at The Spruce.

The Meaning Behind Paper

Paper symbolizes the freshness, fragility, and newness of the first year of marriage. It’s also said to be reflective of life’s “blank page” for a newly married couple.

While your paper options might feel limited, outdated, or even a bit too traditional, Greetabl recommends leaning into the personalization factor. When considering your first anniversary gift, think of ways to create a unique experience for your recipient(s). Enter a Greetabl gift!

Anniversary Greetabl

Anniversary Gifts for Your Partner

Throughout the first year of your married relationship, your partner has likely learned a lot about you. And in turn, you’ve learned a lot about them. You might take a sappy or emotional approach to say, “This past year, I’ve grown deeper in love with you every day.” Or maybe you want to say, “Thanks for putting up with me even though I snore.” Our advice is do what makes sense for you and your relationship. If your partner isn’t the sappy type, that’s okay. They fell in love with you for your humor and wit. On the flip side, if you’re not a jokester, you don’t have to work overtime to crack a joke. Do what makes sense for you as a couple.

Selecting the Design

Heart Mania Print

Simple, classic, and full of love. This design is for those who aren’t words of affirmation people, or would rather craft a message that's uniquely their own. This design is equal parts elegant and fun, making it a great choice to send your love in a box.

Orange You Glad Print

Don’t let this beautiful design fool you! While the pattern is striking, the cheeky humor of the words “Orange you glad you found me?” injects a little personality. This design hits that perfect spot of sweet-but-not-too-mushy.

Orange You Glad Greetabl

I Love You Print

Pretty to the point, right? This print is classic, chic, and hits all the right notes.

Love of My Life Print

A personalized sentiment sweeter than a candlelit dinner.

You’re My Lobster Print

"It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life." For the couple who doesn’t take themselves seriously, or for the duo that loves to watch Friends reruns. Perfect for your Ross or Rachel.

You're my lobster print

Selecting the Gift

Hanging Photo Frame

When building your Greetabl gift, you can choose up to three customizable photos. Whether you choose images from your big day, oldies but goodies, or engagement photos, this photo frame will proudly display your memories.

XOXO Chocolate Hearts

The chocolate truffles are packaged inside a reusable keepsake box, engraved with XOXO in a gold-foil stamp. Your person will be able to hold love letters or jewelry inside for years to come!

Champagne Bubbles

Delicate, sweet, and chic, Champagne Bubbles are one of our all-time favorite gummies. Dressed up in tiny white nonpareils, each juicy little bite bursts with the flavors of the finest champagne. Sophisticated yet playful, your partner will love each bubbly "sip."

Champagne Bubbles

Date Night in a Box

Looking for an alternative to the typical dinner and movie night? Celebrate your anniversary with the perfect date night in.

Anniversary Gifts to the Happy Couple

Congratulations are in order! If you’re looking to celebrate your favorite couple, look no further than some of our favorite gifts and designs listed below.

Selecting the Design

Cheers to You Print

This is one of Team Greetabl’s all-time favorite designs. It’s great for any celebratory occasion and has universal appeal.

Secret Garden Print

Classic, elegant, and perfect for an anniversary. Can we get this in wallpaper?

Secret Garden Print Greetabl

To the Happy Couple Print

Modern and bold brushstrokes? Yes, please! This design is perfect for the love birds in your life. It’s equal parts charming and congratulatory, all in the same print.

Let’s Celebrate Print

Celebrate good times! We love this design paired with Champagne Bubbles or Mini Copper Mugs for an extra festive celebratory gift. Your people will be sure to love! (Don’t worry, we’ll help more with the gifts later!)

Gold Confetti Print

A Greetabl best-selling classic. Throw some confetti up for your people and celebrate their first anniversary with a bang.

Selecting the Gift

Hanging Photo Frame

As mentioned, when building your Greetabl gift, you can choose up to three customizable photos. Whether you choose images from the couple’s big day or a few of your candid favorites, this photo frame will proudly display their memories for years to come.

Mini Copper Mugs

Perfect for sending a "Cheers!" to those faraway friends. These copper mugs come in a specially-wrapped set of two, and will be waiting for your favorite couple to clink with a celebratory Moscow Mule!

Cheers to Love Gummy Bears

Champagne Bears with a tart twist, these classic champagne-infused gummy bears are dusted in sweet and tart sugar crystals for a sophisticated taste that really "pops." Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne. A Greetabl + Sugarfina exclusive, these treats are non-alcoholic and ready to enjoy.

gummy bears


Paired with another gift or perfect by itself, confetti is the best way to add a little party to your package.

If you haven’t located the perfect gift for you or your loved one’s first anniversary, browse our entire assortment here. Greetabl's Customer Happiness team is available via live chat to help select your most personal, memorable gift yet!


Photos courtesy of Greetabl

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