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Creative Edible Favors Your Guests Will Love

12 Yummy Treats to Send Home with Your Guests

It’s important to show your family and friends how appreciative you are that they celebrated this special day with you. That’s why many couples put a lot of thought into coming up with a unique wedding favor that guests will love. And since the way to so many people’s hearts is through their stomachs, think about sending them home with a yummy treat! Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started—and don’t forget the personalized tags for whichever option you choose!

Mini Wedding Cakes

Send guests home with a miniature version of your wedding cake so they can enjoy it a second time from the comfort of their own home. If this seems too pricey, opt for cupcakes made with the same flavors as your cake.

Locally Sourced Honey

You can support a local business and send your guests home with a sweet treat by handing out mini bottles of honey. They’ll think of you whenever they add some to their tea or use it in a favorite recipe.

Honey favors
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Cool off family and friends at your summer wedding with these frozen treats. You can choose colors that match your wedding’s palette and offer alcohol-infused and non-alcoholic options.

Home Brew

If you and your partner love to make your own beer, why not share those creations with your guests? Bottles can easily be bought in bulk online. If you’d rather not hand out alcohol, opt for a favorite coffee or tea, placed in a customized travel mug.

Beverages Favors
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Individual Pies

For couples who prefer pie over cake, hand out boxes of mini pies in an assortment of seasonal flavors. And while this favor works well in the fall, anytime of year is a great time for pie!

Hot chocolate on a Stick

Thank your wedding guests by giving them a cozy late-night beverage: hot chocolate, says Caitlyn Parish, a Chief Digital Officer at Cicinia. And to make it more creative, it's on a stick! All they need to do is pour hot milk over it and stir until it melts away. These are especially perfect for a winter wedding.

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Olive Oil

Couples who love to cook can hand out small bottles of olive oil that guests can use throughout the year.

French Macarons

Both pretty and delicious, place a few in contrasting colors in a small box tied with a coordinating ribbon.

Photo courtesy of Eastlyn and Joshua (Left), Alexandria Monette (Right)

Champagne Jellies

Instead of a basic homemade jam, whip up a batch of champagne (or prosecco/sparkling wine) jellies, which are always a hit. They’re festive and slightly decadent but not too expensive to make. You can find a recipe here.

Cotton Candy

Nothing brings people back to their childhoods like cotton candy. Wrap up some of this confection in cellophane bags so guests can enjoy it at their leisure.

Cotton candy
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Designer Chocolates

Gem-styled chocolates, chocolate bark, and artisan chocolates make your wedding favors look more fun and creative, says Parish.

Hometown Pride

if your friends are coming from far away, Parish suggests wedding favors that represent your hometown to make it extra memorable. Whether your town is famous for honey, wine, candied goods, or chocolates, this is always a great idea. 


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