Everything You Need to Know Before Your Wedding Dress Fitting

Know What to Bring & What to Expect

On your wedding day, not only do you want to look beautiful, you want to feel it, too. After carefully searching and finally saying 'YES' to your dress, the one you've envisioned yourself in since the very first time you dreamed of your wedding, is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding prep. We’ve rounded up some advice gems to help your outfit prep and aftercare feel just as magical as your wedding day. Read on to make sure your dress is signed, sealed, and delivered to you before your big day, so you can continue saying yes, and not only to just your dress! 

The 10% Purchase

Traditionally, your wedding attire should make up about 10% of your entire wedding budget. This percentage is just enough to give you and your spouse the leverage to consider your favorite designers, cuts, colors, shapes, and styles of suits and gowns. This year’s wedding gown trends include: 90s inspired clean-cut, minimalist looks, lace-laid jumpsuits, long capes and trains, royal inspired looks, and even mock turtlenecks have made a comeback! For grooms, current trends include: a slim fit suit, accents of texture like velvet and tweed, patterned jackets, and other red-carpet inspired looks. If there are too many things you want to change about an outfit for your wedding day, keep looking. Be patient with yourself in this process, and remember: it's supposed to be fun!

The First Fitting

The purpose of the first fitting or “pinning session” is to see what general alterations need to be made. This appointment should be scheduled out at least nine weeks prior to your big day. Keep in mind, this will most likely be the first time you try on your gown again since it was purchased. It is vital to wear something that you can easily change in and out of, and undergarments that will accentuate your wear. The first fitting is often one hour. Each additional fitting will take less time since your outfit is getting closer and closer to the perfect fit. Some people will try to achieve their goal weight before the first fitting so that they know exactly how their dress will fit when altered. 

The Second Fitting

The purpose of the second fitting is to ensure that all of the adjustments found during the first fitting were addressed. At this point, you should embrace your body - every curve and every angle of it - and how you look in your outfit. You should be getting more and more comfortable moving around in your tailored gown. Some people may like to schedule hair and makeup trials before their second fitting so that they can see exactly how they will look in their tailored outfit. If you decide to do this, bring a silk scarf to cover your hair and face while trying on the gown.

A Final Note on Measurements and Tailoring

It will take time to alter your dress. Be prepared to wait, and be prepared to ask questions. Don't forget to budget for alterations. Make sure to bring everything together to each fitting, including undergarments, accessories, shoes, etc. Talk to your seamstress in a constructive way about your garments. Your seamstress/tailor should try to make you feel as comfortable as possible - they're there to help. Remember that custom changes to your garments may take more time and more fittings, but about three fittings is standard. One handy way to ensure that your fittings are going the way you want is to create a checklist of specific things you want to look out for, and bring the list with you to follow up. 

The Final Form: Gown Preservation

Before you tie the knot, be sure to designate a family member or friend to ship off your dress if you decide to honeymoon right away. If you and your spouse have some time in between, start preserving your dress as soon as possible. You can purchase a gown preservation kit, select a seamstress that also does preservation of gowns, or contact a reputable preservation company. This will ensure that your gown is kept in the same condition the day you said "I do!" and can be passed down for generations to come. 


Hero Photo Courtesy Jennifer Vera Photography

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