How to Coordinate Dresses & Hair Styles with Your Bridal Party

How to Coordinate Dresses & Hair Styles with Your Bridal Party

Creating a Diverse & Cohesive Look

The days of having all of your bridesmaids in matching dresses and updos are so passé. Instead, modern brides are loosening the reigns and allowing their bridal party to choose ensembles that they feel comfortable in. "Bridesmaid looks have been trending towards individualistic fashion, where we see it's more and more common for each bridesmaid to have a different style dress,” explains Trisha Bantigue, the CEO of Queenly, the number one marketplace and search engine for the formalwear industry. “Gone are the days where you had to force one particular style and fabric onto all your bridesmaids, and now brides are embracing having diverse looks for their girls.”

But while you might be fine with everyone choosing their dresses and hairstyles, you still want your bridal party to have a cohesive look that will look great in photos. Here are some tips to ensure all of your girls look great on the big day.

Purple Bridesmaids Dresses
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Stick with the same color scheme.

It’s easier to have your bridesmaids choose a dress in the same color scheme, but they can decide on what kind of neckline they prefer to wear, says Bantigue.

Go with one length.

It would look better if all of your girls are in the same length of dress, so be sure to give them guidance on whether you want them in something short or long.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses
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Figure out the formality.

Before they start shopping, inform your bridesmaids of the dress code for your wedding day. Do they need something super formal, or will a cocktail dress suffice? And of course, if any of the wedding is outside, they’ll want to select something that will work with the weather for that time of year.

Give some hair guidance.

Chances are, not everyone in your bridal party will have the same length and texture when it comes to hair. While some look great in an updo, others might believe they look better with their hair down. Pick a common element that they can all wear, such as a braid or even a flower crown.

Gold Bridesmaids Dresses
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Offer swatches.

It’s best not to just give your bridesmaids a random dress color without also offering them up a point of reference. There are so many different shades of colors out there, it’s not enough to just tell them to buy a red dress. Instead, get a swatch of the specific hue they should look for, so you don’t have clashing colors walking down the aisle.

Choose a unifying detail.

If you don’t want to go with the same color, then make sure you have one detail that everyone can use when shopping. According to Maria Juvakka, Chic Pursuit, this can range from a silk chiffon material to a sweetheart neckline. “It could also be a specific hue of the dress,” she says. “While the dresses don't have to be the exact same color, they can have the same color palette such as warm or cool tones. Having this common detail lets bridesmaids feel and look their best, while still keeping the look polished.”

Blue Bridesmaids Dresses
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Gift their accessories.

Another way to create cohesion with your bridesmaids’ looks is by choosing their accessories. This can be a wrap if you’re getting married in the fall and winter; a broach that everyone can wear in their hair; or a piece of statement jewelry they can all pair with their dresses.


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