How to Cut and Serve a Wedding Cake

Don't Just Wing It

Something most couples tend to forget about when wedding planning is the logistics of the cake cutting. This small oversight can unfortunately result in hacking your way through that stunning cake you designed like a bad game of Operation. Today then, we wanted to walk you through how to cut a wedding cake with a surgeon's precision, just in case you don't have catering team on site to help with cake service. Read on for simple tips on ensuring cake cutting goes off without a hitch!

Unstack the Tiers 

  • Using a flat (and preferably metal) spatula, find the base of the top tier of the cake.
  • Gently slide the spatula underneath the baseboard that separates the top tier from the tier below it.
  • Lift the top tier off the tier beneath it, set it aside, and repeat for as many times as necessary. Don’t forget to remove the dowels!

Cut Your Slices 

  • Using a serrated knife, insert the knife vertically into the cake. About 2 inches from the edge of the tier.
  • Start cutting a concentric circle, being sure to move in the direction of the serrated edge of your knife.
  • Clean off any excess icing and/or cake from your knife.
  • Working your way around the outer ring you just created, cut 1-inch wedges.
  • Repeat these steps (cutting concentric circles and then wedges) as many times as necessary until you are left with about a 6-inch round.


Once you are left with a 6-inch round, you can transition your cuts from wedges to traditional slices.

  • Prepare your cuts by marking the icing with your knife.
  • Mark lines by starting with a vertical line centered on the top of the cake, then make your second mark perpendicular to it.
  • Mark two additional lines that (first) cut two opposite quadrants in half, and then that cut each the remaining (and opposite) quadrants in half. You should end up with guidelines for 8 slices.
  • Cut the slices following your guidelines by cutting each line, tip to tail. Be sure to use a sawing motion (not pressing your knife) and do not remove the slices until you complete all of your cuts (this will actually make your life easier).
  • From here, plate and serve. And, of course, don’t forget to save yourself a slice!

(Psst...Working with a square or rectangular cake? Don’t worry, just cut squares or rectangles instead of circles.)


Photo courtesy Wild Whim Photography
Wedding Planner LB Events 

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