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How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

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Proposal season is here, which means there are plenty of people who will be shopping for an engagement ring in the coming months. And once you get that “yes!” the ring search isn’t done—you and your partner will also need to find wedding bands to exchange on the big day. In addition to choosing your preferred style, it’s also important to make sure the rings fit perfectly. Not sure where to start? We asked Angeline Weiss, operations lead at Kasia Jewelry, to answer some important questions on determining the right ring size for both pieces.

How do you figure out your ring size?

The best way to determine ring size is to get it professionally sized at a local jeweler or jewelry store, where there will be professional sizing tools available. But it’s important to remember that there really is no perfect ring size. “Our fingers fluctuate depending on a variety of environmental factors, and a professional should take this into account when helping you determine your size,” explains Weiss.

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When it comes to the engagement ring, how do you figure out size if you want the proposal to be a surprise? Weiss suggests taking an existing ring of theirs to a local jeweler. “Of course each of our fingers will vary in size, and your ring finger on your right hand may be different than your left, but this is a great place to start!” she says.

How tight should the ring be?

While your ring should be on the snug side—after all, you don’t want to worry about it falling off, especially out in public—it shouldn’t be so tight that it leaves indentation marks when you take it off. “The goal is to keep it feeling snug once it's on,” notes Weiss. “It's important that the piece does not feel too loose, not only for security reasons, but also to prevent spinning and catching which can lead to potential damages.”

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Will a wedding band be the same size as the engagement ring?

Weiss reveals that almost 100 percent of the time, clients will purchase the same size wedding band as their engagement ring. Keep in mind, though, that the band width of the piece and how long or short your fingers are may play a part in size differences. Pieces with daintier band widths tend to run large, while thicker band widths will run small. Be sure to consult with the designer or jeweler on what size you should order.

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What's the correct way to wear your ring?

There really is no right or wrong way to wear your engagement and wedding ring together. While it's standard to wear your wedding band first (on the bottom), with the engagement ring on top, you should do whatever feels most comfortable to you. “We prefer this look when selecting a straight band as your wedding band, however if you are going with a contour band (curved band), we love to wear this on top of your engagement ring, to elongate the finger,” says Weiss. “The beauty of stacking is that you can combine both styles at once, and even frame your engagement ring with multiple pieces!”

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What do you do if the ring arrives, and it doesn't fit?

First, don’t panic—many pieces are able to be resized. Weiss points out, however, that the construction of the piece could make resizing it too much harmful to the integrity of the band. “Furthermore, it's impossible to resize an eternity band,” she reveals. “That's why we always recommend doing all you can to confirm your size prior to ordering!”


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