How to Handle Wedding Stress

Tips to Stay Cool When It Hits the Fan on Your Wedding Day

As a community of wedding planners and industry pros, we cover everything from wedding design to planning tips to vendor contracts here on The Aisle Guide. And, while all of those things are important, there's one piece of wedding advice we continually find brides and grooms need more than ever: how to handle wedding stress. From forgotten rings to late vendors to seating chart mishaps, it's almost inevitable that something will go wrong on your Big Day—even for the most impeccably planned affairs. Once you've nailed the art of reducing stress before your wedding, it's time to move on to the keeping your cool come the day of. Today, then, we've tapped the invaluable expertise of industry pros to talk their top tips for how to handle wedding stress on your Big Day! Read on, and learn how to stay oh-so cool when wedding day mishaps have you seeing red.

Wedding planning tips from our community of pros: 


"Just give yourself a moment alone. Everyone tends to rush on wedding day, but if you give yourself a moment alone to cool down and remember the real reason why you’re there in the first place, then things definitely won’t seem so bad!" —Hayley Luckadoo of Fairytale Pursuits

"If something goes wrong, own it. Tell your guests that you're already preparing for the ups and downs of marriage. No matter how well planned, something always goes wrong. It's natural. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you'll be married and will probably never think about that issue again." —Tanya Gaud Paye of RSVP Santa Barbara

"Remember to Eat. Eat a balanced breakfast so that you will have energy and drink your water. You will be nervous. You will be excited. You may or may not momentarily forget your vows but you won’t pass out from hunger. Bring snacks and be married!" —Tanessa M. Burch of Love and Luxury Events

"Hire a planner! A planner will be there to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly. If something arises, your planner will know exactly what to do and will execute a Plan B with a blink of an eye. They have solutions for things you may not think of. Most cases when a planner sees something arise, they will handle it and you will not even know it happened (or you will be informed of it, but you will also given a solution of how the issue may be fixed)." —Christina Burghart of Christina Burghart Events

"One month before the wedding, sit down and look over all of the things that you know will bring you joy on your wedding day. Then, consider things that could possibly interfere with that. Then, come up with a proactive plan for maximizing your wedding day experience. Sometimes this means having a conversation with a family member, a wedding party member, or your planner to help put a 'in case of a stress emergency' plan in place. As a planner, I also often ask my clients what the effects of stress looks like for them and their family members. That way when they start to see those things happening they have perspective." —Laura Mikel Mayfield of Mayfield Events

"Don’t forget to laugh. The truth is something is bound to go wrong. In my six years in the wedding industry, it’s a RARE occasion to see a wedding where absolutely everything goes perfect. Most of the time there are small hiccups, but to a bride or groom, they feel like mountains more than ant hills. You have a choice when these moments arise: 1) freak out and risk not enjoying your big day, or 2) laugh and tell yourself 'I’m marrying the partner of my dreams come hell or high water, I’m soaking up every moment of this I can.' Laughter is the cure to the stress! Take a moment to address the issue then find a reason to laugh and continue enjoying your day." —Amanda Fennell-Raulerson of The Veil Wedding Planning

"Take a breath and take a step back. First remember that most likely only you, and maybe those close to you while planning, know that there is a problem. Is it something that will completely ruin your day? More than likely not, because as long as you can get married your day has been a success. Push through it, try not to let it get the best of you, and on your anniversary you guys will be laughing about it. They usually make the best stories." —Diana Warner of Eventistry By Diana


Psst...our number-one piece of advice for how to handle wedding stress? Know the most common wedding mistakes and have a plan in place for tackling them should they arise!

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