How to Make the Best Wedding Proposal Video

How to Make the Best Wedding Proposal Video

Plus, 5 Breathtaking Proposal Videos to Watch

Getting engaged is the biggest relationship milestone and having the best wedding proposal videos is essential for preserving the memories. Perfect proposals don’t just exist on the big screen, they happen in everyday life as well. And social media is filled with proof. So, how do you document and stream your proposal in the most Oscar-worthy way? By planning and recording a perfectly unique proposal, of course! We’ve disclosed five of our biggest tips when it comes to creating the perfect wedding proposal video.

1. Keep It Genuine & To the Point

In the sea of endless reels, videos, and posts, it can be challenging to create something that stands out and captures viewers’ attention. The key to making the best wedding proposal video is not to make it look too staged. Of course, everyone wants to see their videos go viral, cause hey, that’s super cool, but here’s a little secret from the pros: to go viral, it needs to look and feel “real.” Beautiful and authentic can mesh together, it doesn’t have to be completely staged to reach jaw-dropping beauty.

Make sure that your wedding proposal video is filled with genuine love and raw emotions. That’s what makes people fall in love with your story. And if you have a unique or unexpected theme and décor, even better. But keep it short. Humans have a really short attention span and will lose interest quickly. So we suggest keeping your wedding proposal video in the 5-10 minute range.

Proposal in the Woods
Photo courtesy of Arliquinn Photography

2. Help Them Connect With You as a Couple

Connecting to you as a couple will help make your wedding proposal video one of the best. It’ll create a lasting impression that people can’t help but go back to for inspiration or ideas. However, to build that connection, you have to allow the viewers to be part of your love story. They will feel most connected to you if they learn your story and the journey you took to fall in love. You can do this with some cleverly placed narration at the beginning of your video. 

Remember, a million wedding proposal videos are floating in and out of our social feeds every day, so you’ll have to quickly show them why yours is unique if you want them to watch it. Focus on the wedding ring, your speech, and make the proposal unique to you as a couple. Another great idea to grab their attention and help them connect to your story is choosing the right tunes to accompany your video. Doing these things will ensure that your proposal is natural and authentic. 

3. Hire a Professional Videographer

This is probably the most important pro tip of all. To achieve one of the best wedding proposal videos, hire a professional videographer. Sure, technology in the newest smartphones includes some pretty incredible camera and video software, but that alone isn’t enough to achieve the label of “best.”

Hiring a professional videographer will allow you to capture even the most tender moments that a friend with an iPhone may miss. They’ve been professionally trained to know what details to look for. They know things like when to zoom in and how much to zoom. They know how to adjust the camera for the best exposure, and are skilled in the proper use of angles and lighting. This kind of knowledge makes all the difference when it comes to creating a perfectly captured wedding proposal video. The little technical things go a long way in crafting something truly incredible. 

Proposal in Snow

So if you can afford it, hiring a professional videographer will help you document your love story and proposal on film to relive and cherish for a lifetime. And, their editing skills will fit all the necessary pieces together in a way that’s sure to help your video go viral. 

Pro Tip: Another excellent tip for shooting one of the best wedding proposal videos is to have a second shooter. One videographer is great, but they can’t be everywhere. By hiring a second or even a third wedding shooter, the videographer will ensure that the proposal’s whole perspective is captured. One can film you, one can film your partner and their expression, and a third could even grab it from a distance to get the full effect of the setting. And, if the budget allows, you can throw in some drone footage, too. That’s sure to grab some attention and help your wedding proposal video reach viral status!

4. Go Above & Beyond

Most people won't stop scrolling in their feed to watch a boring, been-there-done-that wedding proposal video. But, when you’re really trying to achieve rockstar status and develop the absolute best wedding videos of all time, you have to go big. Have a plan, create a unique or romantic setting, add some subtle details, but remember to keep it unique to you and your significant other. 

Our Favorite Tips to Help You Choose a Wedding Proposal Idea

  1. Choose a Sentimental Location: This is crucial to creating wedding proposal videos that feel real and will allow your love story to jump out of the screen. 
  2. Involve Family and Friends: Another great idea (if it’s possible) is to include some of your closest family and friends. They’ve been part of your journey in love and will cherish being there to witness the proposal. And your significant other will feel blessed and truly loved by all the support and encouragement from those closest to them. 
  3. Incorporate Music: Music has this unique way of drawing us in and helping to imprint memories into our brains. So choosing the perfect tunes is one of the absolute best ways to elevate your wedding proposal video to an unbelievable and unforgettable status. 
  4. Speak from the Heart: When it comes time to write your proposal speech, you can look on the internet for some tips and ideas. But make sure that your proposal speech comes from your heart. Your love story is unique to you, and your proposal should embody that. Sharing your genuine, true feelings is what makes us fall in love with your story.

5. Share It on Social Media

Filming the best wedding proposal videos is just the first part. The next step is to share it with the world. And, of course, the best and easiest way to share your wedding proposal video is to post it everywhere! But, simply posting it isn’t enough. To reach more eyes, you have to optimize it to show up in people’s feeds. 

Wedding Sign

How to Optimize Your Wedding Proposal Video

The best way to optimize your wedding proposal video is to create a custom hashtag with Wedding Hashers. A cute, catchy, and witty custom wedding hashtag allows you to market your wedding video and photos, giving you an easy way to share your love story with your friends and family. Wedding Hashers has created over a million wedding hashtags and won’t walk away until they have found the best wedding hashtag possible for you. 

5 Breathtaking Wedding Proposal Videos

If you’re looking for a bit of wedding proposal inspiration ideas, take a look at the following videos: 

1. A Unique Video Montage Turned Into Wedding Proposal

Not only did this young man create a romantic picnic setting with the most incredible backdrop, but he also created a beautiful and sentimental video. He took several video clips of his girlfriend, then added some lovely music and a few typewritten words to pop the question. And of course, she said "YES!"

2. Best Wedding Proposal Surprise Ever

Here’s a great example of how to turn a birthday party/dinner into the best wedding proposal surprise ever. He had his closest friends on hand to help this guy propose. Talk about an epic wedding proposal!

3. A Music Video Ruse

When you’ve loved her since you were 10, popping the question can’t be boring. In this video, the groom-to-be used a ruse of being in a music video as his wedding proposal video.

4. An Unbelievable Wedding Proposal

This is how you make wedding proposal videos go viral, with over 13 million views!! You have to see this. He created music videos with their favorite love songs, a flash mob, and a James Bond-worthy spy scene. 

5. Airplane Engine Failure Proposal

Now, this is how you create a unique and memorable wedding proposal video! And over 17 million views. Think you could pull this off?

Get to Shooting

Popping the question can be a little intimidating, and possibly even scary. After all, it’s probably the single most important question you’ll ever ask someone and will change your life upon asking. But once you get past the nerves, imagine how exciting it’ll be to start planning your wedding with the love of your life. From brainstorming wedding theme ideas to choosing the venue, this is just the beginning.


Hero photo courtesy of Iris Mannings

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