How to Make Sure Your Engagement Session is Great

Tips from Shane and Lauren Photography

Between nerves and discomfort behind the lens (it can, after all, be a little awkward to pose and smile and pretend no one's watching), there's a bit of an art to getting the perfect engagement photos. Today, then, we've got the talented brains behind the lenses at Shane and Lauren Photography taking over the blog to talk tips for an epic engagement session. Read on for their top 6 tips for engagement photos (and get ready to say Cheese!)

1. Be Open

Most likely, your engagement session is the first time you have had your portrait shot by a professional photographer. Yes, you might have had a “professional headshot” taken in the past but, this is probably the first time you've been in front of the camera with your best friend/fiancée. Being in front of the camera can make a lot of people uncomfortable and, that being said, it's really important that you come to your engagement photoshoot with an open mind and an open heart.

What do we mean by coming with an open mind and heart? You want to make sure that you let your real emotions come through so, that means you need to be somewhat vulnerable. Let yourself be in the moment and be genuine because that is what makes for beautiful photos.

Shane + Lauren wedding photography
Photo Courtesy Shane and Lauren Photography

2. Wear Something Comfortable

This is kind of a big one (especially if you are nervous about being in front of the camera). Wearing something that you are comfortable in for your engagement photoshoot is an easy way to make sure you aren't focused on how you look but, instead, on your partner. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes or you wore an outfit that feels too formal for your personality, your distraction can show up in your photos. So, pick out an outfit that looks and feels like you!

3. Don't Worry About “Looking Good”

Don’t distract yourself with the constant thought of “Do I look good?” The answer is, “Yes, you look great!” You should focus more on having fun during your engagement photoshoot and enjoying a wonderful afternoon with your fiancé rather than “looking good.” Your engagement session is about capturing this special moment in your life and all of the joyful emotions around it—and being happy and in the moment is the key to looking great.

Shane + Lauren wedding photography
Photo Courtesy Shane and Lauren Photography

4. Be Playful

It’s always important to know that we will give you direction when you need it but the best way to end up with pictures that you'll love is to be playful and natural. We always encourage you to explore the location (because we will basically follow you around like puppies), so feel free to go “rogue.” Climb a tree, jump in the water, just randomly start skipping—you know, all the things kids who are having fun do!

5. It’s Not About Us

Remember that the shoot is about the two of you and not about the people behind the camera. Our job is to capture images of you and your spouse-to-be, and your job is to act almost like we aren’t there. The best pictures are the ones where you and your fiancé are really focused on each other and being in the moment, so use our direction but remember to be natural and focus on only the two of you.

Shane + Lauren wedding photography
Photo Courtesy Shane and Lauren Photography

6. Just Be Yourself

And lastly (and perhaps most clichéd), just be yourself. There is no reason to be nervous. All you have to do is be yourself and stay in the moment. We'll capture the magic that happens when you do!

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