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How to Put Together a Stellar Wedding Welcome Bag

Start Off the Wedding Festivities with a Welcome Bag That Will Wow Your Guests

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or there are guests simply traveling in from out of town, you want to make sure your family and friends know how much you appreciate them celebrating this special day with you. In addition to throwing a great party, you can start off the wedding festivities by presenting these guests with a welcome bag.

According to Veronica Carr of Type A Soirée, the first step in putting together an amazing welcome bag is to think about your event: its location, where your guests will be staying (hotels or Airbnb’s), whether or not you’re providing transportation, and the time of year. “With those things in mind, the bag can be customized to what will best accommodate your guests,” she says.

To get you started, here are some tips to help you create a welcome bag that will truly wow your guests.

Wedding Welcome Bags
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Make it meaningful.

The wedding bag is a gift from you, so you want to make it as personal as possible. “The bag itself can be part of the gift, as you can choose to have a custom-printed tote, add cute bespoke luggage tags, or buy a keepsake basket that guests will treasure,” suggests Valentina Ring of The Stars Inside.

Serve some drinks.

Bottled water is a must, says Carr. And if your wedding isn't dry, include a bottle of custom champagne or liquor (or minis) so guests can get the party started upon their arrival.

Wedding Welcome Bags
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Pack seasonal needs.

“I encourage the couple to include something that goes with the season, like sunscreen and chapstick for summer, or hand warmers in the winter,” explains Carr.

Introduce your favorite things.

Think about including things you love—like your favorite snack, your favorite card game, or a miniature his and hers drink, for example, says Ring. “Little tags explaining what each element is, and why you love it, are another opportunity to let your personality shine through.”

Wedding Welcome Bags
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Offer a free ride.

Take the burden of transportation off your guests by including a gift card to Lyft or Uber, says Carr.

Showcase your locale.

Use your wedding location as a guide, especially if you’re having a destination event. Ring suggests including local artisanal foods, gifts that the place is known for, or a lovingly chosen local souvenir.” I always find that scent is one of the most powerful senses,” she adds. “You could for example gift them a small candle to light in their bedroom, and then take it home with them, as a reminder of all the joyful moments.”

Wedding Welcome Bags
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Keep guests informed.

The welcome bag is also the perfect place to include any pertinent information about the actual event, such as the where and when of any wedding-related activities. Ring also recommends offering up suggestions for excursions nearby, as well as an illustrated map, photos, and stories of the wedding party.

And finally, if you have time, Valentina Ring notes that a hand-written thank you note is the single most impactful gift you can offer: a genuine message expressing just how delighted you are to be finally celebrating with the people you love.


Hero photo courtesy of Amber Marlow

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