custom veil design by Rebecca Anne Designs

How Rebecca Anne Designs is Reclaiming the Veil with Custom Embroidery

Join the Bridal Rebellion & Add the Ultimate Finishing Touch to Your Wedding Day Look

Personalization is a key part of the wedding planning process—and an easy way to set your big day apart from all the rest. From wedding décor and stationery to favors and cocktails, there’s simply no shortage of items that can be customized to make your vows extra special. One idea that we love is a custom bespoke veil to wear as you walk down the aisle.

“Bespoke veil embroidery is the epitome of personalized bridal styling,” explains Rebecca Anne of UK-based Rebecca Anne Designs, a specialist in luxury embroidered veil designs. “A bridal outfit is such an exciting thing to put together, knowing that your other half has no idea what you'll be walking down the aisle in. But to also include personalized touches in such a chic and modern way is growing in popularity year after year.”

While she specializes in veils, Rebecca Anne points out that brides can also embroider bows, skirts, capes, and ribbons—and she loves the current trend for embroidered fingerless tulle gloves. Here, though, she shares some tips on how to choose a custom veil to complete your bridal look.

custom veils by rebecca anne
Photo courtesy of Kamila Nowak

Choose Your Gown First

The veil completes the look, so it makes sense to figure out what you’re going to wear on the big day first and then finalize the ensemble with your accessories, including the veil.

Figure Out Your Style

Once you have selected your wedding ensemble, you can determine what type of veil you want: short or long, single-tier or double-tier. Rebecca Anne suggests trying on different options at bridal appointments, so you see what works and what you feel comfortable with. Your style of dress will also help determine your veil. “If a bride has chosen a full lace dress, then a veil that is edged would work really well as it frames the detail,” says Rebecca Anne. “But if the dress is relatively simple, the dress can be as subtle or as statement as you like because it almost has a blank canvas to show up against.”

Determine Your Budget

Even brides on a tight budget can wear a custom bespoke veil on their big day. You will just have to be mindful of how much work goes into personalizing the piece. “Although I adore hand drawing the artwork for client's chosen designs, embroidered veils don't have to be a statement piece,” notes Rebecca Anne. “A subtle addition such as the bride's new married name delicately stitched by her left-hand fingertip is a really popular choice right now—perfect for those photo ops with the rings!”

custom veils by rebecca anne
Photo courtesy of Kamila Nowak

Make Your Design Decision

Once you have selected your veil—and figured out what you can afford—it’s time to decide what you would like on your veil. Some ideas include:

Meaningful Words

As Rebecca Anne points out, many brides opt for embroidered words along the bottom edge of their veil, and some also include artwork alongside it. “Words hold such meaning and emotion for people, whether they be from poems or songs,” she explains. “A lot of brides choose to have lines from songs— in particular the couple’s first dance.”

Even if you think the saying or words you want to embroider sound silly, Rebecca Anne encourages you to go for it. “The whole point of me offering custom embroidery is to be able to tell love stories, so no choice is a silly choice if it's meaningful.”

custom veils by rebecca anne
Photo courtesy of Kamila Nowak


Beautiful Patterns

The sky is the limit when it comes to patterns, says Rebecca Anne, who notes that celestial designs are super popular right now. Floral artwork never goes out of style, with some brides inspired by the flowers in their bouquets, while others choose flowers that remind them of loved ones who have passed. With that in mind, she has also traced and embroidered the handwriting of loved ones onto a bride’s veil.

For inspiration, be sure to check out The Collection on Rebecca Anne’s website. While the Wildflower Meadow is special because it’s her first design, she also loves the Organza, which showcases larger-scale pattern work. the textures of the Pearl or ruffle edge veils are so lovely to work with.”


Hero photo courtesy of Kamila Nowak for Rebecca Anne Designs

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