Brunch Wedding

How to Throw a Fabulous Brunch Wedding

6 Details to Keep In Mind for Your Mid-Morning Affair

While 2020 threw a giant wrench into everyone’s wedding plans, 2021 is showing a lot of creativity in making smaller events just as romantic and celebratory as a big ballroom affair. One of the most fun trends showing up in weddings right now is throwing a fabulous brunch wedding and making the mid-morning champagne all the more special! To make a brunch wedding really successful, it’s all in the details. Here are some areas of focus to make sure your brunch wedding isn’t just another scrambled eggs morning.

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The Vows 

Having a wedding in the morning is no different than late in the day, and your wedding traditions don’t have to suffer. Churches, hotels, fields, gardens, and beaches all operate in the morning and can accommodate your brunch dreams just as easily as your evening ones. The plus side? They may even be a little less expensive being used off-hours than the usual sunset event. Don’t put your ceremony hopes aside, bring them all to the beginning of the day. Everyone looks beautiful in the sparkling morning light, and your big day will too!

Brunch Wedding
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The Food  

The star of all brunch weddings is the food. You have so many amazing options when it comes to brunch tastes, and you can go in so many directions with your menu. Going beyond pancakes and eggs, you could do something unique like crepes and berries, a donut bar, or decadent parfaits for all the guests. Morning is the perfect time to bring lots of fresh fruits and berries, warm biscuits and bread, and all the comforts of your first big meal of the day. When has lemon curd ever been a wrong choice? Also, instead of sticking to just breakfast foods, you can branch out and include items like chicken and waffles, or cold seafood alongside the home-fries. Brunch gives you so many options by way of food and is an opportunity to sprinkle some whimsy and levity amongst the dishes.

Brunch Wedding Food
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The Drinks

When you think of brunch, you usually picture a champagne flute in hand. Mimosas are a brunch standard, but for your wedding, you could step it up and go with a signature cocktail version like a melon mint mimosa or a grapefruit mimosa. Another delicious drink idea is a full Bloody Mary bar complete with all the fixings of bacon, celery sticks, olives, and cherry tomatoes, alongside your favorite vodka and tomato juices. For those who don't wish to imbibe in the morning, a chocolate milk and juice bar is a very fun way to include them in the special drinks as well. Along with all of this, make sure a coffee setup is nearby, as not everyone's a morning person and might need some pep in their boozy brunch mornings.

Brunch Drinks
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The Décor

A morning event is definitely a different style than an evening affair, and the décor should reflect that. Light and airy is the feeling of a great brunch event, and there are so many themes and angles you could follow to make your wedding very special. A garden party would be gorgeous in the morning light, as would a tea party styled set up. If you live near the ocean, a picnic in the sand is a beautiful way to spend a morning. If you’re looking for a downtown setting, a swanky hotel brunch filled with chandeliers and china would be incredibly fun. You could do anything from a whimsical morning outdoors to a low-key backyard breakfast with loved ones. A brunch wedding is about the company and the pastries, which you can accomplish anywhere!

Brunch Wedding
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The Cake

Think of all the amazing breakfast-themed cakes you could dream up! A cinnamon roll cake, a waffle cake, a donut cake, a bunch of mini pastry cakes, the options are endless! We think a brunch wedding cake is probably the most fun style of cake a couple could do—and the tastiest! A brunch wedding cake could be incredibly low-maintenance like a pancake stack up, to incredibly decadent like a million layer crepe and cream cake. Creating a brunch wedding cake has to be one of the most fun aspects of a morning wedding!

Brunch Cake
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The Vibe

A brunch wedding is a chance to hang out with all your loved ones while you celebrate your new marriage and a laid-back vibe is what you hope to achieve. The dress code could be a little more relaxed, the music can be a great morning playlist instead of a full DJ, and everyone getting a chance to spend time together with you and your beloved is something a huge evening affair doesn’t always allow. With no strict reception timeline, you have a chance to enjoy your time and eat all the mini pancakes your dress allows. Embracing the special feeling of a morning wedding is part of the perks, along with chocolate milk and getting a nap later. A brunch wedding is a chance to do something new and special for your biggest day and can be one of the best affairs of the season. It also means you have the entire evening free to head out to your honeymoon and beyond!


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