Making a Grand Exit: 15 Unconventional Wedding Send Off Ideas

Exit Your Wedding In Style

1. Motor Vehicle

Ride off into the sunset with your love on a motorcycle, in a vintage car, or even on scooters! This is great for a swift and steady exit that is sure to leave your guests thrilled and intrigued. Making for some adorable and or sexy photos, this send off is becoming increasingly more popular. If renting a vehicle, be sure to clear all of the details with your wedding planner beforehand for a smooth return process. 

Photo courtesy of Haley Jacobson (Left), Shane and Lauren Photography (Right)

2. Lanterns

Want to light up the night sky with your new spouse? Consider pairing up your guests to release some sky lanterns. This is a non-traditional exit that is sure to make for some gorgeous photos. Make sure you check with your local state government and only purchase quality materials to ensure this send off goes smoothly. 

3. Dried Flowers

A great event incorporates all of your senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Delight your guests' olfactory systems and delight your sights by having dried flowers tossed instead of the traditional rice. An eco-friendly way to get sent off, dried flowers are not only biodegradable, but they smell absolutely wonderful. 

wedding ceremony
Photo courtesy of Haley Richter Heirloom Photography

4. Beach Balls

Destination weddings, or even a local beach wedding calls for a bit of whimsy and fun during your send off. Clean up may be a little much, but tossing beach balls into the air can be an adorable way to include everyone and get sent off into your bliss with style.

beachball wedding
Photo courtesy of The Happy Bloom

5. Helicopter

Marriage can allow you to reach higher heights. If your sense of luxury calls for it, a helicopter send off can be crazy cool! If you or your spouse has connections, this could be a wonderful send off leaving your guests awe-struck and in wonderment of your love. Be sure to check if your venue allows for this to take place before coordinating. 

Photo courtesy of Three16 Photography

6. Streamers

One more traditional send off idea is to have streamers. You can have guests hold handheld streamer sticks or have a small explosion of streamers burst as you and your spouse exit the venue. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, this is a simple send off idea that is both cost conservative and beautiful. 

wedding streamers
Photo courtesy of Omar Lopez

7. Leaves

Hosting a fall wedding? Similar to throwing dried flowers, this could be an affordable and colorful common rice alternative. Gather some leaves from your local area, or purchase fake leaves from a craft store. Either way, this allows for you to leave(s) your wedding with flair! 

8. Elevator Exit

Just like a Lifetime Holiday movie, consider doing an elevator exit if your venue calls for it. This is a dramatic send off idea that will make for some memorable photos.

9. Smoke Bombs

Exit your wedding in the colors of the wind with smoke bombs. Another increasingly popular send off, this is sure to leave you and your spouse with beautiful photos and colorful memories. A word of caution, if the smoke bombs are used improperly they can stain clothes. As always, be sure to check with your venue if this is allowed.

Smoke bomb wedding
Photo courtesy of Heirlume Photography and LB Event Planning

10. Sign-Off

Sign-off with a banner of your love. If you have a particularly crafty bridal party or family member, this can be a simple and unconventional exit idea. Whether you run through the banner like you're at the end of your courtship marathon or you and your spouse dance away into the night underneath the banner, this is sure to make for a memorable moment. 

11. Butterflies

Releasing doves is so last century! Consider releasing butterflies instead! Flutter off into marital ecstasy with this beautiful send off. 

12. Fireworks

Give your guests dinner and a show! Another luxurious send off is to have a fireworks show. This can include common sparklers, or you can arrange for an actual fireworks show to light up the sky. If you're close to the water or in a remote location this could be an extraordinary send off considering the reflections of the light on the water. Either way, explode into married life with this fun and exciting exit idea. 

Photo courtesy of By Julieta

13. Horseback

Who said horses were only an exit strategy for the Victorians? Not you! Consider riding off on horseback into the sunset with your new spouse. A great idea for the more equestrian couples out there, you may want to practice riding sidesaddle before your big day. 

Horseback bride wedding
Photo courtesy of Jenny Haas Photography

14. Boat

Sail away into the seas of love. Be sure to check beforehand with your venue that your wedding party is allowed out on the docks. Whether on a gondola, a speedboat, or a canoe, riding away in a boat is a very unconventional send off idea for those being wed next to a body of water. 

Photo courtesy of Evan Rich Photography

15. Paper Airplanes

Not into confetti or rice? Consider getting crafty and having your guests make and throw paper airplanes! You can purchase special colored or designed paper and have it setup as a wedding activity or have them pre-made. Although, this may not be a good idea if you're planning for a lot of children at your wedding; you don't want anybody getting their eyes poked out!


Hero Photo Courtesy of Heirlume Photography and LB Event Planning

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