No Parking? No Problem

Alternative Parking Options for a Hassle-Free Day

Occasionally, parking for a wedding, or rather lack there of, can become a logistical challenge. But don't worry! There are a lot of creative solutions available.

No Place Like Home

Home weddings can be absolutely beautiful and hold many special memories for the couple, but the average family does not have enough parking for 100+ wedding guests. So, getting a little creative and budgeting for a few additional services can make your wedding day hassle free and save your parent's lawn. The same tip also applies to weddings in remote locations or any venue with parking limitations.

wedding bus
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The first approach, and the most practical, can be providing a shuttle service from a local hotel where you may have set up a guest room block. A shuttle bus can move a large number of guests to the wedding, and at the end of the night, shuttle them back. Shuttles are also a huge help if you know you may have a big party crowd at your wedding. Anything that helps eliminate drinking and driving is worth the investment.


A valet parking service may also be the fix for your wedding parking. A valet allows guests to be dropped off right out front of your wedding, saving them from a potentially long walk. Work with the service provider to find a suitable location to park your guests' cars. Sometimes, a local school or house of worship may allow you to use their parking lot.

Golf Cart

The addition of a golf cart moving through the parking area and bringing guests to the venue entrance is a nice touch. In some locations, parking can be some distance away from the reception, and in the case of inclement weather, your wedding guests will appreciate it.

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Don't Forget Your Team

Be sure to advise your wedding professionals if parking is limited or challenging. Load-in questions might be best referred to the venue who can organize a schedule for you. But knowing about limited parking can help pros to carpool. And, knowing about parking garages with low clearance is something wedding pros with larger delivery vehicles will need to know.

Parking, shuttles, and logistics are not hard to navigate. They are just a wedding detail to think about well in advance and discuss with your wedding venue and the pros you have hired.


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