Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding

9 Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable Under the Sun

Summer is in full swing, and with the warmer weather upon us (along with many couples wanting everyone in attendance to feel safe as Covid precautions are lifted), outdoor weddings will take center stage throughout the season. When planning their vows, brides and grooms always want their guests to have a great time, and a big part of that is making sure they're comfortable during the entire event. With that in mind, here are some ways to keep heat, bugs, and sunburn away so that family and friends can focus on having fun on the big day.

Have a Plan B.

No matter how much planning you put into your wedding day, you cannot control the weather. That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan in case of rain. If your venue doesn’t have an inside option, then you’ll need to rent a tent to keep guests dry throughout the event.

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Notify guests in advance.

Be sure to specify on the wedding invites that some or all of the wedding will be outdoors. This will allow guests to plan their outfits accordingly. You should also let them know if there will be a place inside for them to cool off if they get too hot. This will be especially important for older friends and family members, as well as those bringing young children.

Time the wedding wisely.

It makes sense to set the start time for your ceremony to first thing in the morning or later on in the afternoon when the sun isn’t at its peak.

Hand out paper fans.

Instead of the traditional ceremony program, have yours printed on paper fans that can also help keep guests cool during your vows. If you want to go that extra step, place a paper parasol in your wedding colors at every guest’s chair.

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Keep them hydrated.

Make sure there's plenty of water on hand throughout the event. You can also offer guests a cool beverage before the start of the ceremony but keep it alcohol-free. Beer, wine, and hard liquor can lead to dehydration—and you also don’t want anyone getting too tipsy before the party even begins!

Offer up plenty of shade.

No one can sit in the blazing sun for hours on end, so you’ll need to make sure there are a few stations set up where guests can get some shade during the reception, whether you have some pop-up tents around the location or set up seating under big trees.

Serve up some frozen treats.

Another way to keep guests cool: Serve frozen drinks during your cocktail hour or get really creative and offer alcohol-infused popsicles!

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Keep the menu light.

A hot summer day is not the time to serve up a heavy meal, so ask your caterer to come up with lighter fare options. Grilled chicken or fish, cold salads, and seasonal veggies are great options for this time of year.

Set up a sunscreen and bug spray station.

Ask your venue if they can spray for mosquitoes a few days before your event. In addition, put out an assortment of bug sprays, as well as sunscreens, for guests to apply throughout the event.


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