Planning the Perfect Picnic Event

Planning the Perfect Picnic Event

With To Be Loved Events

How many of you have seen a darling pop-up picnic on Instagram lately? This event trend has especially been growing over the past year or so—and we're here for it! Originally created for smaller gatherings of up to six people, we're now seeing larger picnics for up to 15 or 20+ guests! These picnic experiences are perfect for celebrating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, but also baby and bridal showers, engagements, marriage proposals, and more. We love this idea, but how do you plan a picnic party on your own? Well, here's everything you need to know about doing just that!

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These picnics can be best displayed at public parks, beaches, or even private backyards. You can customize a location that best suits your event, style, and design. Think about your desired guest count and where it will be most comfortable for the group. You can also do them indoors if that suits your event better.

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Date, Time, & Duration

To choose the best date for your event, think about the season and climate. In my experience with my own planning business, To Be Loved Events, specifically in California, it doesn’t make for a pleasant picnic at the beach with so much wind and overcast weather during fall and winter. Definitely think about your ideal date and plan for the best weather you prefer. You should also consider how long your celebration will be and at what time. I think the sweet spot is about 2-4 hours depending on the style and location of the event.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning on watching the sunset at the beach or any other location, try to begin your picnic at least one hour before sunset time so you have enough daylight to enjoy the full experience. Once the sun sets, it will get pretty dark shortly after.

Décor Elements

Based on your chosen picnic spot, you can decide on your color palette and décor selections. If you choose to hire a planner and designer for the event, they'll assist you with finding key décor elements for your event which includes durable blankets for lounging on, low tables that are about eleven to fifteen inches in height, and a variety of pillows for sitting and relaxing on. Candles, lanterns, floral centerpieces and petals, a cute letterboard sign, tableware such as plates, napkins, and flatware, and table runners are all wonderful additions to the picnic!

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A great picnic, of course, has activities to liven the party! Consider also planning for the following: Good music on a portable Bluetooth speaker, food and drinks (maybe even champagne!) for your guests or significant other, dessert if you wish, and games to play. At To Be Loved Events, I help my clients find and book these add ons, such as a musician for your picnic marriage proposal, charcuterie and dessert vendors, photographer, and more. The possibilities are endless, so definitely create an oasis centered around your guest of honor or purpose for the party.

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Don’t Bother with the Hassle

Thinking this sounds like a lot of work to plan and provide the décor on your own? With this being a new popular trend, there are several picnic and planning companies offering guidance and services for these picnics. Try searching in your area for different picnic companies; they'll be more than happy to help and provide you with an amazing experience for your event. And if you’re near the Los Angeles or Malibu area, I would love to assist with my Picnic Experience options!

Pro Tip: If you're looking to book a picnic for your next event, definitely consider reaching out to companies at least two to three weeks in advance to check for availability and to ensure a good amount of time to plan. One month or more is best, especially during peak, warmer seasons.


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